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invariably memories
Seem to lure it away

My lonely heart wonders
If there'll ever come a day
When I can be happy
But I can't see no way
'Cause I let my mind
We invariably left the prairies, in my heart
Since well it never moved an inch
Does the love grow, home with the wild rose?
Now, somethings moving
He don't need no sedatives to ease his troubled mind.
At work he is invariably unpleasant and unkind.
Why should he care if he is hated in his
tired, tired of livin', tired of livin' this motorway livin'.

Motorway food is invariably fried,
It keeps me and feeds me and helps me survive.
Invariably the fantasy is sweeter than the real Holla
 So many intangibles and things that you ain't feel
 On the surface like rooftops that bask in the sun
She says that her mind is made up 

Why not leave why not 
Go away 
Too much hatred 
Corruption and greed 
Give your life 
And invariably they
In whatever society,
There invariably,
Will seem to be,
Just a few men,
Keen to rule;
The majority,
Will assent and
Allow them
I'd lie there mesmerised, listening to the first couple. 
Invariably, they'd wake up other couples,
And like some kind of chain reaction,
invariably fascinating to contemplate, all we need from morality is contained in those words; make others happy as you yourself would be, and serve them in
Some singers invariably sing ""me boys"" for ""my boys,"" and other variations occur, too
The song is sometimes called the ""Boston
Invariably the verge of a frown
You sleep in all day,
Hiding from your reasoning

You used to be free
Well, what can I say?
Today, there is a lot,
But frequent hints that this won't always be.
We are invariably running out.
The process seems slow because we forget,
with cheap booze (hello)
Cyril is a glue man
And his outlook on life is invariably, through a plastic bag
Even on the street he has something up his
There is no fear
There is no fear

The train will
Come to a halt
The Wild West
Would eat it
We let it rot

I introduced
time of the dead.
Wear clocks round our necks like tombstones.
Fuck not lest ye be fucked.
A point invariably moot when you've outgrown smarts
others too have fallen from their bayonets and guns.
Such armies are invariably called 'peace keeping forces'.
The hypocrisy is as appalling as it is
and felt a deep therapy
Put it on TV to sell a Jeep Cherokee
But invariably, seekers seek clarity
Secrets leak, people retweet like a parakeet
Used to be
piece I'll rip your limbs off
Invariably the violence will arrive
Fuck you and fuck your fucking kind
Merciless, weed out the sick
Begging hard, I don't
For wealth, call it security 
They invariably find loveless 
Money leaves behind 
Such a bitter taste 
Love is the only way 
Where is

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