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played love too close to the vest
Trying to hide it somehow
Acting as if I was under arrest till now

Put a sign in Times Square
Get an internet
the wig off of a groupie


Now Ima' address
All you internet rappers at one time
Fuck a battle rapper
I can kill you with one line
"You done help,"
But the TV Screen said World Wide Web.
Then I broke out in a cold, cold sweat,
I's the first redneck on the internet.

He was
on the Internet, I'm just trying to check my email 
So I put in my password, it says I have an invalid password 
I know my fucking password 
So then it says "go
Or pullin up in my drive like I won't leap in your whip
And so these kids tell their friends and relatives where I live
so my address ends up
and relatives where I live
So my address ends up on the internet again
So then, I do an interview with Spin, tellin them

That if someone comes to my crib, I"ma
Some are coming out on the internet
Baby girl sayin' that she miss you
Is it too late for a comeback
I had to live with this crown on my head
another top 20 but I'm top 5
Couple little rumors that I wanna address
Then I think fuck that, I just want the address
I can't argue with the man that's
Well, let me interject with intellect, catch me on the Internet
On or off-line, a floppy disk or cassette
I'll address the rap nation, napster
these secret powers
Accounts getting' fat from the overseas dialers
I'm trynna bust this internet nut
Turn the camera on and stick it in her butt
Part two the sequel all new 'Kast
Just ain't the same gang of nerds on the internet
Slanndering your name behind that screen name
They're lame
It's a lot been going on mane, you know I'm saying'
Time for me to address this shit
Tired of hearing about it
Let's go, yeah

(These hoes)
Y'all niggas eat pussy and burp
The other half of y'all suck dick till your jaws and ya neck hurt
When you address me nigga end your sentence with
as the spool ran out

Curiously, the simulated address 
Seemed to be delivered in the same, strange, stage-Irish accent 
That Welles had possibly purloined
I run up in your shit, you'll swear I'm dead wrong (ay, ay, ay)
All that internet shit, don't get fucked up by the posts (yeah, by the posts)
defy afterlife
I spit in the face of the reaper as I address my wounds
Frontin for the chicks like Judy Blume
The dudes soon follow, they all sound
Confident princess, She address them bold
She nah manifest, Fi them sexual goal
She wish them the best, Rasta bless them soul
Her mouth nuh filthy,
said my talent Heaven-sent
But I still fuck hoes, get bent
Think Hell is my home address
In my loaded Guess, rollin' through your city in a stolen
I'm not a legend, I'm not a vet
Do not address me as second, I'm the best
You niggas always sleepin', I'd rather stay woke
They say you are what you
He's moving into an art deco pad
To swell the ranks of the clinically sad
Shaking off the past with a change of address
But keeps his telephone
that internet bullshit drivin me insane
Tell your sun thanks for grinnin, its gon leave you in the rain
And girl I ain't sayin I'm caught up in the fame,
the internet, pullin' up at the section
Pullin' up in the intersection
If a nigga testin', I been aggressively flexin'
I really hustle with Mexicans
after club, I go hard aint no softy

Flex ‘cause I’m hot on the internet uh
They want me dead ‘cause I been the man uh
Innanetwav on another wave
The south killed hip-hop? where they say dat at, better not say 'round me. lemme go on an address dat while I'm in tha studio 'cause these

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