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don't change me
In your eyes you hate me
Use your laws to break me
Black don't crack, you crazy

We will rise intently 
We will rise intently
falling somehow 

And not caught before the ground 

Cause you love it intently 

Doesn't mean that you'll get it right 

Cause you love it intently
fly? They can't

I go up the blind stairs intently
I go up the blind stairs intently
I go up the blind stairs intently
I go up the blind stairs
the sutures
To let all our wounds bleed
We stare intently at the things that we will never need

And I've made progress
In picking up the pieces in the dark
And I know that's a fact coz I've earned my stripes
I just pulled up in a bentley, I do this s*** so intently
No that n**** cannot really test me, I've
listening intently
And I'm letting you know now

I Don't want to fall in love
You can't make me, yeah

I've promised all my saving
I've never said goodbye
I listened intently, as if I've never heard
When I saw you stare, at the sky that might fall
I wanna kiss your neck, and forgive all your fault
And lay your sleepy head against the sky
Here's a man who sings so gently
Behind our pints we gaze intently
Enchanted by a Dublin serenade

Hammer me gently
I sleep on nails
Passion is for the weak
I turn the other cheek
Intently is how I speak
Obscurity never fails

Sand to my glass
Try to see clearly
Think before I trust, trust
Listen intently
Treat myself gently
Never can give too much, much
You came around my way and
wondered if she would understand my pain
Does she speak the mother tongue at all?
Seconds turned into years waiting to hear her
Intently listening and being
off alone
Watching intently, always defending
Against anyone who tries to feel at home
Alone is a disease, in the cold we freeze
True then lonely never
An echo of conscious, a call to my soul
Will fly in wonder over my rolling dreams tonight
My eyes flicker intently to the constant pattern of my
Perfect skin
Until now it was envy
Gorgeous eyes
Now they seem to watch me intently, intently
No, this can't be right I know, know, know
Now, no
I'm ready to go 

Are you listening intently? 
What am I saying on the outside? 
Is it friendly? 
In your mind is it interpreted as honest? 
A decrepit man intently stares

At the now calm lifeless horizon

While most of his memories no longer exist

There is one never fading

I was alive
me realize
No time for your games
No time to waste
A girls gotta work oh yeah
I’ll listen intently
Let you down gently
Don’t you correct me yeah
special and strong

Everybody's changing but what about me
Who am I and what I wanna be
I'm the luckiest to have you
You gaze intently into my eyes 
Make me
But she feels alive

And no-one can touch her
And no-one compares
And she's dancing
The Goosander's Waltz

She's staring intently
At a bright laptop
Passing the Eden of Flowers
Reason to live.

Embracing together
Like the merging streams, crying dreams
Making it full
Begging intently
you I die
So I'll lay here with you 'til the final goodbye

Hold, draw me close, close to my lips
Listen intently as I tell you this
there with me
Following behind
Watching intently

What you gonna do when no one's
There to hear your song
And if so, how long until you
Think you
To Jimmy and the girl that he love so
We kissed each other gently as we listened so intently
To the tiny blue transistor radio

And now just one year
of a girl he viewed like no other,
Whom he had come to know, I swallowed hard and listened intently,
Resigned beside the glow

Always there, it's standing

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