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something, it's
It's really intensifying my body
Makes me wanna do all kinds of things
To you

Hey there, how you're doing?
Baby, I'm so glad to be home
That intoxicants would be widely used

So you can see this happening in the Muslim world and
Just intensifying from quite time some ago

Another sign
the heath. The drab light lent everything an insubstantiality, intensifying the curious end-of-term feeling I had, the sense that the days themselves were
eager exhuming despite bad scents
The open casket reveals the rot
Into weak stomach I slide my hands
Intensifying fumes I like to snort

hand in my chest
A pulse of energy flowing through all my body

My heartbeat is gradually intensifying
I'm awash in an ocean of unique flavors
And I
Weak child 
Cries never heard 
Deep pain 
The kind that's easily ignored 
Can't get my thoughts across to tell you 
Torture intensifying inside
hear a crying of people dying
And it`s taking me to the street
Intensifying a self-denying
That bringing will starve defeat

[Repeat Chorus]
Weak Child
Cries Never Heard
Deep Pain
The Kind That's Easily Ignored

Can't get my thoughts across to tell you
Torture intensifying inside
Bury the hatchet now

A fire's burning inside me
And the flames continue to grow
The rage is intensifying inside me
I'm spinning outta control
Faith, ignite in our hearts tonight
God is alive, we're burning brighter

Like a wildfire

These days intensifying

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