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inhabiting your island
All by yourself, all by yourself
Final destination, secluded isolation
All by yourself, all by yourself
You got outsmarted by a strong

I don't wanna leave this bed
How about we stay she said 
And with all of the time we spend
We're a single soul inhabiting two

That's how it goes (c'est la vie, c'est la vie)
That's how it goes (BKP, BKP)

Inhabiting a space where the sky does fall
A good girl
Ha ho!
Hu ha ho!
Hu ha ho!
Hu ha ho!

I should hope the cop that's been inhabiting my mind
Has been excised, spending his time
Defending thin
the ride
Deep in space I’m practically inhabiting this high
Watch us play like Activision money on our mind
We got this game like Activision
Want the guap
were all brand new
But I know that they all burn so hot
Because you never move on to someone new

Inhabiting my lungs and inside my mind
Taking me over
inhabiting my soul
My will is free yet my existence is rejected
You see me drowning and yet you look at me for answers
Time is of an essence we have nothing
Take some time to figure what you want from this life that you're inhabiting
Is it close to what you thought
Is it whole yet deeply flawed
Is there
rather know the truth than live with doubt inhabiting that place now
We won't find the truth hidden between our selfish beliefs now
The sour reality will
Little maggots, maggots whose parents, parents fed me full
Grown and living, inhabiting comfortably my skull
Dust to dust and justice is, is for us
In a space, allocated to me by the human race
Inhabiting this area until I die this space is occupied
I'm in a space leased by kind permission
The cosmos is a receptacle
For the spectacle of my ascension

Inhabiting multiple dimensions of perspective
All my actions selective
At all
The cosmos is a receptacle
For the spectacle of my ascension

Inhabiting multiple dimensions of perspective
All my actions selective
At all
And so the third celestial sphere in proximity to the sun entered a new millennium
6 billion souls inhabiting 266 nations. Their resentment
inhabiting the holes
That belong to Queen and Country,
But do not permit their souls
To be free like me.
The perspex chandelier
Began to melt and slip
I was a north wind inhabiting
You were a falling chair
I wrote your name down
And kept at arm's length
Loving you from afar

I hadn't been in
We call upon the bloodthirsty serpent
Come forth from the abysmal void
Feast upon the weaklings inhabiting the simulation
Lay havoc upon the kingdom
This echo chamber we're inhabiting
Waste a lot of time trying to shake the foundation
Bickering quibbling
No solutions
Brought before the court that
doing anything at all I really wasn't you see
I'm just here inhabiting the holes
That you dig and dig so you can feel better

Looks like a castle in
gotta bake it
Don't you turn, don't you turn
Please don't you turn me off

Oh ecstatic stasis
Inhabiting after hour oasis

I read my meaning
In between
didn’t know you I would be here without
Another person inhabiting another planet
If the signal worked
None of this would happen
Well now, now
Coming into
Everything is happening
To the corpse we're inhabiting
The hollow grace 
The chosen face
The padded place
We're happy in

The happy potion does
malleable at ease
Inhabiting a peculiar realm
Redesigned abiogenesis correcting the limitations
Imposed by cellular ageing
Immortality, now in the hands
of the old town the old ways the old life
It was deadly to breathe in
The other scavengers inhabiting the crowded urban parts
Of the old town posed great

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