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on slipping right through our hands

By thinking we're infallible
Oh we are tempting fate instead
Ah, time we best begin here at the end, end

Wanna third
That's what you do
It's your infallible
Your infallible distinction
Between the two

The Empire state was so grand
Holding you in the palm of my hand
the herd
Never slowing down
witnessed them all
I have seen it all
I am not a hero
Not infallible
You think I know the answers
You think my will be
I'm tickin'down
like the second hand of a watch.
I tick tack tick tack.
Listen to my BEAT.
I never wanna die.
My mind is infallible fallible.
to leave this human race tonight?

Eternity will never be enough for me.
And eternally will live our infallible love.

My brain is pumping at unusual
the revolution
My oh my, the king is on a mission
I am on my way, unstoppable
Pure at heart, a king infallible
Great big fucking time
So powerful, I

My oh
is done)
Tearing us all apart

Head-on collision
Between two ultimate truths
Each infallible, incorruptible
The other defilable

Unaware of their true
To lead me astray
Fire born
No man can resist
No God can denigrate

The dragon, treasonous fiery fury
Infallible wisdom, malevolent, Godlike 
God stricken
won't prove they exist,
And let others rejoice with my vision dismissed.
Create my own Eden, with death on display,
Empyrean creed, the infallible way.
of the righteous
Heed the words of the infallible

When treachery meets the fools of the Earth
Vague words and premises to a new religion give birth

breaks ever fetter
There's nothing impossible, nothing infallible
Nothing to hard for my God to work out
No matter what the problem, God can always solve
would you think it was right
There's something in my heart that is tellin' me to keep away from him

Love is not too logical
Hearts are not infallible
spiritual level
Read the Holy Koran
Or the Bible
Because it's liable
To be a revival
For the weak who seek power it'll bring
Infallible power 
Knowledge is
busters know they phony
Flip my profit keep on rockin' it for my dead homies
They wanna follow my shadow and waddle in the mud
It's the infallible
moment like the eye of the storm
It all came clear to me
I found a shoulder to lean on
An infallible reason to live all by itself
I took one last look from
and so
As much as we think we're infallible
We get it wrong sometimes 

Promise love that never dies 
Paint a blue and perfect sky

And start over again

First in the line to catch a glimpse of the shrine
The closest we ever got to divine
Irrefutable indisputable infallible
You can fake another cry and compromise your dream

Cling tight to the parable - let it dominate your life
Create a god who's infallible - give

We wanted to be just like Him
We wanted to be men
We wanted to be infallible
We just wanted a sure thing
We wanted to be invincible
All you have said is still in my ears
You must have thought you're infallible
Oh no oh no
You're not gonna say that much anymore

Welcome to my
What gives you the right to tell others what to do?
You sit in judgement, you can't be wrong,
Your infallible power's undeniably wrong.

You can kill
venereal it's all sensation
Protect design the moral plan infallible as propaganda

Completely black with no steps back
Hot to assimilate we'll rot
Years Old, My Story Left Untold"
Oh Molly, Oh Molly

"Mother Was Struck By This Infallible Idea
If She Could Paint My Portrait I Would Remain Immortal
venereal it's all sensation
Protect design the moral plan infallible as propaganda

Completely black with no steps back
Hot to assimilate we'll rot

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