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I'm dead
I died long ago but my spirit still roams (Incorporeal)
Unwanted in heaven, forgotten in hell as on earth (Incorporeal)
I don't want
With but a gesture of my incorporeal hand I illumine the heart of a new-born sun,
Reveling as its searing stellar radiance engulfs my ersatz form.
Wear your cables and join with me
Boring lives in entropy
Incorporeal surgery

Environmental therapy for the genes that threat security
A new
the restless souls
Nethworldly knowledge
Seeps into the mind

Deathless being, from beyond
A sepulchral voice, incorporeal
Unseen presence, ancient fiend
The angel of incorporeal souls have punished me
But the end of this torture are so far

Hear my cry
Hear my agony
See my blood
See my dreams
Feel my
merge into an indigestible pestilent trip 
Seasons of infinity 
Inhabitant of pain 
Incorporeal sense can't resist what I need 
Spirits to release my
since Jesus was incorporeal
It's just scaffolding with no building to demolish

Take your armor off
Play that executioner's song
What's the matter
Systems are incorporeal they don't really exist
They're unnatural constructions that are natural to resist!

Thieve back! what they've stolen from you
axioms which lie ever
in wait between the incorporeal veils of light and shadow. I would offer up a
prayer to the divinity which once I worshipped, but I

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