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sleeping inconsistently these days
Knowing somewhere you're out there still stuck in your ways
Just let it breathe and go back to where we started
This never
I've been losing, sleep so inconsistently
Temporarily alone
So I'll keep counting sheep, I've just begun to see
Further into the unknown

I've been
bodies tremble inconsistently,  
subjected to grotesque experiments. 
All signs of suffering shown by the 
subjects nodding heads. 
All air denied!
whoa oh
Oh oh oh 
Oh oh oh oh oh

So inconsistently we spend
Our time with family and our friends
I know I'm not hopeless
I'm only helpless in
To see if he'd let an old friend in again

Sink inconsistently into the mist of my shroud
My fingers are blistered, I hope I ain't thinking aloud
I see

Don't try to diss me them petty slick shots ain't get to me
Smoking exotic purple stains look like snow was all on a Christmas tree
Compete wit
With no point or no reason

My feelings change
Every time I got
The edge I see
That I'm just another
Dude chasing his dreams
here to play around
And they ain't see me in this light
Inconsistently consistent
Till I get it right
It's Only
dense to see 
What was coming to me before it was here
 'Cause I thought I'd be at least inconsistently 
Pulling myself up to the place  Where I was when
I dont want you to leave
Can you stay here wit me
And i know it is hard to believe
But i want you with me
Cuz i show it inconsistently
Lately i just
Maybe if we were persistent we would be
Closer, but only in my dreams
It seems reality consists of thoughts from within
And I’ve been feeling
three strikes 
You're out now motherfucker yeah I'm done that's right 

Inconsistently run to bitch to me
Do some shit that I won't ever live to see
Puzzled perplexedly by peoples' inconsistently subjective reason
You don't understand better get to reading
Cause your ignorance might just leave you
really seek? 
For I am you and you are me so inconsistently 
So take a look inside, what is it that you find? 
Is it all just something, you can simply
and answered inconsistently
And told me we could never be enough

From the back we all look the same
Acting like we're not playing the game
But the grave will
was inconsistently a summer day 
It's always this way in the same old place
I am aware I don't change
It's always the same
Sometimes I'm winning
everywhere you turn
We weed out the weak and they weep

Evolving, compulsively
Behaving, inconsistently
Yet the pulse is pounding
Restoration is the name
wide awake
fast asleep
all I am
is a song, I sing consistently


when I left myself
I saw the milky way
we're a star at the end
Over simplicity will be the end of me
Inconsistently maybe my destiny
I'm feeling euphoric
In this life I'm a tourist
Hope my energy will flourish
the fun
You gotta good time mentality
Wish I did too
Always right on the beat
Wonder will I catch up to you
To you
I know I inconsistently need to be

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