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Words cut deep, deep, like an incision
Life is a prison, stuck in a prism
Verbs struck heat, heat, lie and live hidden
Die with a vision, lovin'
end it here

With a minor incision
With a minor incision
It’s a minor incision
And leave him to die

Looking at the pictures
Holiday in Rome
Mother’s in
EVERY DAY 나를 찾아 아플때마다
쓰앵님 쓰앵님 제발 안프게 살살요
lidocaine inject mes데고 incision
blood suction하듯 머니마니 suction해
찾아 아플때마다 (아플때)
쓰앵님 쓰앵님 제발
안프게 살살요
The way that they suckin my dick without spittin
The way that im lyrically makin incisions
Youd think you were chillin at my circumcision

Cut it
Cut it up
A swift deaths a kindness
Your fucking unwanted
I've slaughtered all your friends
They all begged for death!

numb, I got high
Xanny, Weegy
Every night
She’s always here
You never tried
Xanny babe
I’m feeling down
You got me heartless
You ripped it
his own incisions
I can't be broke, boy y'all niggas tripping

I see you plotting, nigga i'ma pop, nigga
Saucing over, boy it ain't over
This that 2011
I'm an incision
The kind that glistens
And not to mention we appeal
When we've healed
I'm an incision, just an incision
I've got Polaroid value
Brace yourself
Brace, brace yourself for the bass,
Brace yourself
Brace, brace yourself for the bass
What is now incision
What is now incision

It’s Cam Carter people
(Ray K on the track)
Listen the the vision
Let me make incision in my brain for the pickin'
No more bickerin' about
I had a vision
I’ve seen it all
Either live in a dream
Living the dream you saw
Made mad incisions
Their dreams I saw
Using spinning machines
choppin up chickens
You monitor a nigga, liable to walk out wit stitches
While I sharpen my vision
Right before surgery markin' incisions
Plottin' how I'm
Games that you play
They're heartless and a pain
I'm blinded
But can't look away
The shadows eat at me
All incisions from blades
Cuts it
wander while incisions Are slit and blood will rain
Well take you to the streets 
Introduce you to our gang
Your eyes wander while incisions Are slit
it my gift of ruin
I will take what's left in no remorse or mercy
Take what's mine
With fear struck from my heart my incision bleeds terror
The terror
Right incision right incision
Right incision right incision
From my heart thats right incision
From the start get right prediction
Well if you talking me
the mic's the ignition
Critics in the back, they always be bitchin' Think it's a dream, but I already live it
Music my blood, you can check the incision I'm
Every incision that I've ever made
(Every incision I've made)

I cannot ignore it anymore

I cannot suppress the hatred building up inside of me
I've got nothing
But this collection of knives
And decisions to make
I'll take my time mapping out every incision made

I have nothing
So I'll
talk to me 
I dont know i dont know i dont know
your milk is spoiled 
Incision inverted
Incision recoiled
Incision recoiled
Incision recoiled 

I just
la labia?
Creo que la incisión no va a ser muy precaria, el acero corta el cuello y la verdad va por cesaría.
Vamos cazando reptiles giles, cuales
care cos' wherever
She's going he'll follow her

Brace yourself for an incision right across the chest (Woah, oh, oh)
Please tear me down to pieces
dont listen
They blind, they dont see my vision
I gotta open they brain
So I can make an incision
I gotta plan with precision
Bout every choice
targeted precision
I'ma cut like a knife
I'ma make a deep incision(so)
Statute with a severed head
A monumental vision
I'ma look into the past
And I'ma

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