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You're not the sharpest knife in the drawer
But that's no excuse for apathy
I understand you want to set your mind at ease
But not all is fair in
the golden mean
By these acts of cruelty in the name of beauty to be free

The acoustic funeral for love in limbo
We're dancing with tags on our
comes empty
When we exist
In the air that we breath in


Nothing in this time is done
[Intro. (Acoustic Guitar)]
He met her in a French cafe
She slipped in sideways like a cat
Sidelong glances what a wary little stray
She sticks in
you got it
My soul, it lies
My heart, it tries
My mind, is spent
My love...
You can take it all
At your beck and call
I will give to you
I will
And they never would come down

Turn around and hold me
I'd like to see your face alone
I'm hoping there's someone home

[Instrumental Acoustic Guitar
My mind had been enabled
In a memory you overflowed
Want to be your superhero
Even if I tumble fall

I'm ok
You have that effect on me
But I
The loss of prize possession to cure the mind's obsession
Could trade your soul for that normal life
Elite to all objections...

See beyond all
These silent chances pass one by
Who never knew of them at all.
Resigned to the hands of fate
We await her impending beck and call.

Until we
By Robin Williamson

Robin Williamson: Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, oboe, backing vocals and vocals.
Stan Lee Buttons: Bass and pedal
biddin' and be at your beck and call
I've never seen anyone lookin' so fine
Man I got to have her she's a one of a kind
I'm going once, I'm goin' twice, I'm
when I'm put down
I want to die now she puts her foot down
Freezes me with the look

Someday if she sashays by you and looks your way
I'd say you'll do
brilliant minds.
It's being asked by every body from Obama, to Glenn Beck.
They all want to know why there's a warning,
on them little blue pills
had called that fucker by its name...

Did you listen to the arbiter's beck and call?
Did you find what you were looking for or not at all?

when I'm put down
I want to die now she puts her foot down
Freezes me with the look

Someday if she sashays by you and looks your way
I'd say you'll do
been shot and killed by love
Sits at the bar thinks about all those angels in heaven
And offer him to the overpass above 

I hold your dress, your
By mastery of the mental he was able to see 
What the past and future civilizations had been through
Acoustic imagery transmitted through
(Uppermost, uppermost)
(Uppermost on my mind)

Why would you accuse me of inconsideration
When every minute and every hour
I'm at your beck
I'm not doing so bad at all

I guess it don't matter if the joke's on me
You have me at your beck and call
And to tell you the truth
I really
By Craig Doerge, Judy Henske

There was a city
In this desert
Shining with fountains
And pools of clear
Sweet water.
So many clouds
Of white birds

lyrically bionically you're panicked be	 

You end up in the ?  as I begat 

Fertilizin your chrome  dome boils sore medicated 

All flows
container that, at least to dip your hand in rap
Your feet will be infectious, so at least realize the fact
The rhythms are inserted, and the nurse can be

who I am, strapped with E-Double my man 

Back in Business once again, plus we backed by Def Jam 

This is the funk (huh) comin out
up or break North 
My lines petrify your mind's third eye, when I'm high 
I pull the trey in your insides, I strike blindside 
Rip inside, my