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Sunlight, falling on your steel,
Death in life is your ideal,
Life is like a wheel, rolling on and on.

Through earth and water, fire and wind,
you came
fire, and stone.
Storms of sand, closing over the sun
Sand, fire, water, and wind
How can we begin again.

But you can't sink a rainbow
In a world
Oh purificator fire, that burns in me
Rekindle my courage, give me your force

Blow, northerly wind, come, wind of death
Storms, hurricanes, be

The wind will blow against the stone
The stone stands strong, the stone is strong
The wind will blow against the stone
but before too long
In a time when dinosaurs walked the earth
When the land was swamp and caves were home
In an age when prize possession was fire
To search for
with light in my eyes
The ravens circle around my tomb
As I dream the night
Frozen by ice winds
Earth is our mother
Just turning around
With her trees in the forest
And roots underground

Our father above us
Whose sigh is the wind
In the twilight land of Inquanok I search the door and isolate my mind
And in the wind I hear the hidden drums and peeping of false flutes
The never
of an organized association
I see the stones in the path we laid
It's a question of tomorrow
We like to breathe the ancient wind that we have followed
Within you, the reason for your restless heart 
Is the keeper of the Sabbath Stones 

Fire and water, wind and rain 
Wings that carry hell in every
rumble of thunder

Rain beat against my face
Quench the thirst of mother earth
The wind in my hair
Behold the flash of the silver hammer

and to poison even the air
and he killed every beast
and taught the seas how to bleed
Burned by the fire we make,
what a shame
Then the winds gave in
we stand alone 
with your metal 
and our stones 
we're hybrid 
hide the wind and earth 
and fire forever 

and now we hone 
In the bleak mid winter
Frosty wind made moan
Earth stood hard as iron
Water like a stone

Snow had fallen, snow on snow
Snow on snow
In the bleak
No grief for the fallen ones
The search for the sword has begun

[Carved in stone:]
Great as the mountains and seas
Grim as the earth and old trees


Aftermath of horror sends a message to the globe
Danger to the Empire will result in hells untold
Dance to the sun 
A kiss to the earth 
Embrace a stone 

Come the small black book 
Come the brandy cask 
One strange disease 
The well worded
what I've been searching for, my baby 

Earth wind, earth wind and fire 
Cannot take me, take me much higher 
Earth wind, earth wind and fire
He's the stone that the builders rejected
I run to the mountain and the mountain stands by me

When the Earth all around me is sinking sand
Get the fire as the flame it burns
Get the wind as it slowly turns
Get the earth as it circles by
Get the sky sea creation fly

This point
know I'm an earth shaker
I'm a woman, I'm a rushing wind
I'm a woman, I can cut stone with a pin
I'm a woman, I know my stuff
I'm a woman, I ain't
holding in reserve, the Roman army is held together by success and will be broken up by disaster!

A cold wind is blowing from the shore
Through glens
Lust is splashing the dark side of the moon

In the Samhain mist
We lay in welcome by the western gate
With the five fold kiss
For every soul
a milky way 
Lust is splashing the dark face of the moon 

In the Samhain mist 
We lay in welcome by the western gate 
With the five fold kiss 
lovers all the stars in the skies
Sing of Stone haven water home, Stone haven Sunrise

Stone haven Sunset the desert's on fire
Christ on the cross

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