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to the point I cut my own wrist
And that's no bullshit
That's no
Hol' up

I sense it's not enough
I sense it's not enough
But most importantly this here
If I told you something, could you keep it on the low
I'm a lover, I'm a sinner, most importantly, I smoke
I get high off Percocets and I feel
Look into my eyes
It feels like heaven
Trapped between your thighs
And most importantly the stamina and energy
Will make this last all night

Windows all
was wasn't like this
Had no boy questioning bout where I've been and most importantly
Who was I with
But nowadays y'all so childish
Y'all so childish
of tequila might kill you
Or it's more than likely to get your mind blown
Feel, more importantly you feel love
If not, maybe you are not in love with me
and family
And most importantly
Defend yourself and your country
And country

You must be prepared
To defend your friends and family
And most importantly
She said be honest
She said be honest here it goes
She said be honest
She said be honest here it goes
I hate your smile
And more importantly
I don't
this way, oh
Like I'd fucking know upon this day, oh
Wanna run oh to the sun
Burn up cause I ain't your son
Be a father and a husband
Most importantly be
importantly don't never ever fucking stop
I should be making money but I'm in a cell locked
My homies should be free but they were there when I got caught
But most importantly we didn't lose ourselves

Wondering where the time has flown
Now that we're both fully grown
Wanderlust slowly leaves your eyes
My Harvard queen
My Ann P
My Karen Filippelli
But most importantly
Rashida Jones (Rashida Jones)
When I think about the world I can see Rashida
I'm lone, but more importantly
I need a new muse upon my paper
So through with art therapy
Rescue me from my echo chamber
Or I'll go mad lookin
The world had to make me a man, but I'll always be your child!
Mama just smile!
Most importantly, I want you to be proud! Mama just smile!

No I never
don't know, exactly what it means
But it goes to show, and more importantly
With generations groomed to fall in line
Legacies built on selling the divide
than me
They want the fast cars mansions but more importantly
Imma treat my son like a king cause boy your royalty
I need a big check no game show
A to B
Gets me from A to B
My Skoda looks sweet
But more importantly, this whip gets me
From A to B
From A to B
Yeah it gets me from A to B
i can’t afford to sleep
Keep a squad full of real ones most importantly
I found a few who’d give it all for me
Still gats distinguish between kissing
Most importantly 
Hard times we faced 
Embraced them we take
Years come by the courage
That runs from inside

Heard my baby cry for the first time
importantly the lessons taught by a thug 

I'm familiar with the lowest levels of your comfortability 
And the shit that put you through humility 
Ten a see not
them accordingly
But most importantly Don’t let yo pride get u killed
But always maintain yo dignity
Don’t you forget
Son you the shit
Fuck foolishness
friends and and wannabe's
That think they'll make it out of this town in a year or three
I'm sick of almost everything but more importantly 
I'm sick
the ghetto
To the cats who sold drugs through the girls that won't love 
And most importantly the lessons taught by a thug 

Im familiar with the lowest levels
really cares
And more importantly
The people that were never
Really there
Let me know
Now does anything apply
When I need a ride
When my engine goes out
And you made me soft
Like a candy floss doll
Most importantly
Feel the harmony
Get it all from me
You won't feel my claws
'Cause you made me soft

If my

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