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to sleep straight through this imparting sound

Comatose I'm waking up now
Ghost in my skin I can fake my breath now
Losing touch and feeling lately
the vines
A ray seeping through a canopy
Imparting hunger for incline
A hole in me like a hollow tree
Down right hidden were the vines
A ray seeping through
seeping through a canopy
Imparting hunger for incline
A hole in me like a hollow tree
Downright hidden were the vines
A ray seeping through a canopy
Father time, imparting rhymes upon my enemies
Sand runs thin in the hourglass, it's prophesied   
Sharp blade tears your soul from where your body lies
from passing ages gone 
Imparting knowledge and strength 

With the waxing of the moonlight, she rears her horned 
Head to unveil such a blasphemous,
and feet of Jesus
Touching souls in his name
Imparting faith to unbelievers 
Creating atmospheres of change
I wanna be the hands and feet of Jesus
that weathered veil
These days would come
They've waited just to hear you beg away
And I muse
On past lives 
The wretched and the wonderful 
Imparting me
Yeah, Penmanship
Yo, brothas respect mine, or here go the tech 9

A grammar wizard imparting lessons like catechism
Cut out your pineal gland with
Precise as Parallel parking 
So, Pardon me if I pass the limit boundaries 
Pass they keys, it ain't slowing down for you or me 
In the driver's
imparting our disease
We'll rape your sons and daughters
Brutalize them as we please

In this land, of willful enmity
We're reduced to ancillary means

on the real I really really really really really
Can't wait to have kids
Imparting wisdom and teaching them just how to live 
Without Yahweh I wouldn't have
to prosperity
It ain't ever chasing
You a Jason born to treat storms like norms

You gon' go the farthest
Careful whatcha take part in
Careful who's imparting
Blessed hearts sing, truth imparting

Eye of the storm, timeless truth of light reborn
Where you gonna go, what you wanna see
I be me ~ ridin' happy
Imparting knowledge when I write, hoping what I say can save you
Its a start to play your part, but nobody gonna make you
Poppin’ up with the energy
get high sometimes
My thoughts imparting my vision
Seems like this tunnel’s never ending
I just want some wealth for my Children
Even when I’m dead,
Nobody you'd rather witness, to stand atop mount Olympus 
Imparting bits of my wisdom, might start up a new religion 
Or a superstition, the truth is
Fan into flame what you've placed in me
Give me vision that I may see
Speak over me imparting your presence
And let me be for you a fragrance

Calculated disinformation
Adhere to no stipulation
Breakdown of communication

Imparting half-truths with discretion
Biases in mass perception 
Fall prey
Shipwreck on the rocks
Now I'm ash

There's an old blue man
Standing on a hill
Imparting wisdom to you

The fire in your bed keeps 
Your heart much warmer
can I play
An instrument or my part engraved on my heart imparting faith?
'Til carried in the hearse away
Have you heard my plea? Why do I have nerve
on facts
Faith but not fiction 
Fabricated stories that these niggas never lived in

Thats the difference 
Man I speak from a place imparting wisdom
the faces
Don't matter what the race is
I'm gonna carry-out
My missionary
Evangelize to your system
All my wisdom
Christ Lead
From the sanctuary
Baby please try harder
To listen just after
You ran by I heard her chanting
While you cried to your father

Begged for his imparting
Skills to break
Jerking trying to make a move in the queue
Imparting the knowledge I give you some jewels
Never did it for sake of looking cool
Probably better to take

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