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It's Immaterial  


Immaterial girls, immaterial boys
Immaterial girls, immaterial boys

Immaterial girls, immaterial boys
Immaterial girls, immaterial boys
love is a changing game
It's you that are out to put the blame
Because it's
Immaterial immaterial
Immaterial immaterial
So many miles from home
I'm lost without a phone
But around the world we go
What can I tell you?
It's immaterial
And what can I say now that I'm out in
Economy, modesty
Walk with me


On your visage
Life is hard
Brow wrinkled
Eyes sprinkle
5 fingers
a stranger, 
A-heh, just might come in through
Here with a gun... and then, what 
Would you do? (Heh.)"
"Everything is immaterial..."
"'n' you know that reality
"Everything is immaterial"
"'n' you know that reality is immaterial."
"This is not reality"

I'm kneeling on the floor
Staring at the wall
Like the spider
know or is it
Immaterial girl?'

Now she's pinned up upon the barracks wall in her home town
All the soldiers taking turns with their attentions
instincts awaken once again - La Reine Noir

Number the corpses in the plundered tombs
Incurable plagues in her immaterial face

A dance in funeral triumph
might say is immaterial
What they don't know
 might show you the way
Gotta be high when you're
 walking on fire
It you Want To
Gotta be

You decide Stand along
The fallen ones Take revenge
Defeated sons Rend that coat
From seam to seam It's only time
It's only time That you
The Western lands
Day turns to Night
Immaterial play of light
It's very nice out here 

Poked my hand in a hornet's nest
They flew out around
love for you. it's so immaterial. I don't wait around for you. [ ] [ ] nobody gets anything. nobody gets nothing. no [ ] don't leave me no space in your
love for you
It`s so immaterial
I don`t wait around for you. [ ] [ ] 
Nobody gets anything. Nobody gets nothing. 
No [ ] don`t leave me no space in
Then my memory's immaterial
So why then do I remember you at all?
But I do, I do, my friend, I've seen your face
We shared a cup, I know the taste
Have I become immaterial?
Maybe, my blood still flows
For better, for worse, I'm forever changed

You ain't got no right, you ain't got no
are kindness wells to suck dry?
I hope you shrivel up and die
You can't touch us here, we're ethereal
You're just immaterial
Nothing is solid, everything is energy
Like a picture of the void
Immaterial mental double-slit-optical-system
Circulatory job, muscular organ
I wanna 
Be pursuing 
Immaterial happenings
Or so they call them on the scene
Or could it be my destiny
Personified mortality
They mad at me
on the eight continent

we will dig a place out of our mind
immaterial, materialised

you and me 
and you and you
we'll be together
on the eight continent
Ethereal but alive
Our world aflame in the violent sunrise
Unmask the truth from disguise
Until it bleeds down from vacant eyes
Leading immaterial
night that's immaterial

I know a love that will not let me go
My heart is bound, and happy to be so
It's so happy to be so
Happy to be so
slugs in vain
Through the body of the immaterial witness.
And that which is Ugly and feeds on The Law comes into the conference room singing federal
the frightening.
A heritage leaping, from father to Son.

But the Son became imperial.
As soon as he mastered gravity.
World's resources were immaterial.
immaterial within your head
Through the galaxies or all of the universe
Make a blessing out of everything that is a curse
There is no such a thing as big

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