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She pulls me down some more
This must be for real
This must be for real
This must be for real
It can't be a dream
Juicy, juicy, juicy, juicy
J-you-I-see-why That J-you-I-see-why

(Casha D)
Late night or the morning time
It's on his mind
(that's the way that juicy got em)
Before he met me he was
to the funerals
I'ma keep my crown
Bitch I ain't from England
But my money still come in pounds
Lost a couple of members for the better
Still we hold it down, meet
[Juicy "J"]10x
Sucks on dick...
Does it real good(Get buck motherfucker, get buck)

[Juicy "J"]
You got these million dollar niggas
get buckwild in this muthafucka
Let me see ya do your stuff

[Juicy J/Da Juice]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Will blast if a muthafucka have to
Tie your body
Two tequilas, shoot 'em down
One tequila, third round
Come with me, let me buy you a drink
I'mma tell you how the story goes

It took five shots,
come swing the thing right by me 
Gotta a joint if you wanna get stoned, got choppers if they wanna try me 
Pro athlete I'm not no wannabe 
that thing
I'm twurkin' that thing
Still strokin' that thing
It's just a G'-thing

Can you make it juicy for me?
Or I can make it juicy for you
You get
in this motherfucka
Let me see ya mista

Will blast if we mother fucking have to tie your body up
With the strings from your tennis shoes
Juicy J in
Whatever y'all really wanna do go on and do it cause all y'all be talking

{juicy j: talking}
Yo yo yo yo yeah it's da juice up in this motherfucker
that thing
I'm twurkin' that thing
Still strokin' that thing
It's just a G'-thing

Can you make it juicy for me?
Or I can make it juicy for you
You get
no game I play when it come to D
And if you get it from me then you getting dope D'd

We looking for them J-Lo booties, big ol' ass, round and fat
play with the bootay.
Naw I can't do that
But if I let him get it, he gon come back.
I got this here on lock.
Trying to keep his cool but he want
to be fearless
When we go walking in the woods
A natural experience
Go ahead...

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
Hey baby let's fly away to a private place
When the thunder breaks     25
And the lightening flash
I'll be in your heart
Even if we crash
When the thunder breaks
And the rain comes down
upside your head
And blow your brizain's to pieces
And even if it's your time to clock those glocks down
So watch out
Wasn't raised to be no hoe, I'm
got money to do it

Take your bitch home then I'm all up in that pussy
Old school pimpin' she ain't fuckin' with no rookie
Juicy J be cooler than a fan
(Chorus:) I got it for sale nigga I got it for sale.
If you want it come and get it cause I got it for sale. (x4)

(DJ Paul:) They call me the penny
hood doin yeah
Those are the rules in this mafia race
Tear da club up thugs mash down on a g-string...

Verse 3
[juicy j]
When we drop
Always keep it
tell me just let it go,just let it go
Man i just ran off all in her mouth!

(Chorus)= [Juicy J]+{Crunchy Black}
I'ma get my chief on {chief on}
While she
Yeah, Hypnotize Minds up in here

Ya'll know the business

Representin' to tha fullest
If ya down for what you do, you gotta represent it
If ya
to take the weed and then hoooold it
Juicy J the type to lick a blunt and foooold it
You can come by my crib and get soooooo lit

[Chorus: x 2]
trampled over 

[Hook x 2] 

[Juicy J] 
Now I got you bitches hot 
Platinum out and on the spot 
Mad because they take your cell 
So they stop at slangin
and they keep on bringing more
If it's just you and me on the floor
Go back and come in, I'll drive us home
Like we were just kids
Just, j-j-just kids
down for you
Clip it, zip it, let it fly
If it’s good, it’s gonna get you high
Drop it, stop it, that ain’t the one
We don’t even smoke that shit for

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