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word, they'll drag you straight to your grave

I wear the mask with pride
A dogma idolised
I have complied
I'm hypnotized
Deep down I know it was I (It
I was an angel, idolised
I was a devil in a disguise
I was a stalion
I was a mule
I was misguided, but nobody's fool

The day that I
Held up, idolised
I know who you are
We don't have a situation
If you don't have a situation

Old man, he once said
"Once it's gone it's gone"
the coffers
Celebrities idolised by so many people
When they see 'em on TV, but behind all the scenes it's
Not what you think when inside there's no peace
bars on bars keep it saturated
The people that I idolised made me pray to idols
My dad, grandma, rabbi made me read the Bible
Mexico released and now I’m
Idolised you since I was pretty new
Destined to rival until I saw you in blue
Didn't seek glory, didn't seek advice
Advising confusion, jumping ship
Iconoclast arise
Bought into power and idolised
Free to divide and criticise
But don't question if their words are lies
Stand your ground
Don't back
people as my fans more than music
Will I be idolised as a man, as a human
Too much for a 17 year old to think about, yes I know
But it is what it is, just
Feeding the culture of pride and ego
Easily swayed by those idolised heroes
Acting a fool so they land up in home
Too many homelanders to navigate good
wings are charred again I'll fly into the fire
Now Scrutinise
Its finalised

Dreams of the undefiled
To be unobscured
I'll hold this
to battle a beast
But back to the heat
Like living on Miami streets
I bet you never idolised someone that could speak worse
Wheel it up in Reverse, wheel it
your door
To the house filled with the one you adore
And I know for a fact it won't be me
But is it okay to dream?
And I idolised the way you spelt my
If I ever become idolised one day then you better not wish me luck

Unlike what your doing now

Because that says a lot about you
And it proves
and created maybe half how I'm wired and
All the things I can do
I strived to make reality because of how you managed me, the mad truth
Idolised you
Running so fast down the street tonight
Its you an I amongst the stars
Idolised and fantasised 
Forget my beating heart
And the starlights
I've got a girl who's always on my brain
Idolised by chapters right off the page
The green in her eye still breaks my gauge
She never stays but
Yea you cool but you called it imma stay
im lost, so lost and you'll be fine
we're not, not ones to be idolised no

I dont know, much at all
get left
getting me (Down)
Ops wanna see me (Frown)
I idolised the (Crown)
One day they'll forget about me
I'm myself man are hopping on trends
I'd rather be sat
And something right and real
I'm a seedling in springtime
Is it the hailstones coming down
Gilded ground, gilded ground
That knocked me off my feet
Now I've got two sons
Elijah, and mini Mac
Started dreaming for them
God, at least give me that
See when I was a kid
I idolised what Slim'd rap
And coz
Of all those idolised things
They just cant have on their own
They didnt learn to share
And then they vanish in the haze
Nowadays nobody wonders
life's a thread on a line
Idolised by a guy in the sky
Who's tried me and made me die
Like 5 or 6 times
Alright, I guess its time to fight

I'll be
I've been running around
Searching for forgiveness
And I don't wanna cry
Don't let this be our last goodbye, bye, bye, bye

I was too idolised
With what
privatise and I describe
All the steps I used to finalise and I'm surprised
At the methods used that I prescribe
I idolised how I thought that doing I could

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