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He'd like to know if you and me could help him in some way
A little camouflage and glue to mask the evil that men do
A small diversion caused by two
"One by one they drop", you said
Left us two on a ride stopped dead
It's monkeys on the track
All fell out of their tree
"Lost their tails", I
presidents whim
I don't want to be a part of a war no one can win

You're welcome here Americans
We love you but not your bombs
Welcome here Americans
We love
the plan, I ain't playing, I'm 'bout business
Lil Kodak had to get it off the Land, talking Disney
You told on your mans, went to sing like you Whitney
is where you'll find my boys and me
This All-American dream's more like a nightmare to me
And I wanna do is wake up

How much money will it take
Christ is hired out, like the slag of Galilee 
Well, if Peter is a prostitute, then what does that make me?

There's only one God 
There should be two
But you gotta be a queen bitch, Gucci
So icy trap star, fuck her like a porn star
First my H2 then I fucked her in her own car
Face down, ass up,
cuts deal with Mister Spiel
To do a hundred thousand movies a year

You gotta play it smart if you wanna be part
Of the crowd that's hip and chic
age and experience, my reason ripens
I strike on you Vikings, slash like a hyphen

If you enter the house of fortune by the gate of pleasure
to Disney World, world world world world

Front now, you got a cheshire cat grin
eerie malevolence of commerce combined with backspins
I'm just a kid, tryin'
on Disney
But this don't feel like Disney

You say I turned out fine
I think I'm still turning out
You say I turned out fine
I think I'm still turning
And the sex is great
And you hate rap
I like that girl
I argue with Keisha, I aint like that girl
You jumped, right out the car, to fight that girl
You be
slip slip slip like two girls into slip n' slide

I just wanna make you sweat
I wanna make you sweat
I just wanna make you sweat
I wanna make you sweat
thing wet
Everybody wanna be fly
But don’t know where their wings at
Had to pause for a minute
Now I'm right back in it
Like the drawers of the women
he's talking
This one, crawling around
Guys, you got tight, I would never bash Disney
I think Disney teaches girls
Young girls such
and stronger

Wanna know you all over
Till I know you be heart
Gotta know you with all that I got

I wanna know you that good!
Like no one
like the Furious
Diss tracks, you are my reflection like a mirror is (hooyah)
Wanna flex on my wrist, I put some ice on it
I wanna make her wet, then
are dozin
On Hornblower's lederhosen
Like Walt Disney he'll be frozen
And then the Swiss Hall of Fame he goes in
Cause when he's out in space carousin
at Disney World
My deep throat'll have you squirtin' like a water gun
Coochie overflowin' like somebody let the faucet run
Bust one nut, I ain't done

Wanna midnight rendezvous
Wanna give my love to you
Wanna make my dreams come true
I just wanna to be happy

Wanna dance the whole night
the orphans play tonight

So if you wanna get really rude
Jus come on down and we''ll get crude
Cause there ain''t no place like here
Baby I mean nowhere
be loved 
Be loved by you
I wanna be loved
Be loved by you

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

You can change my eye
You can change your time
You can do what
at me because I'm God's child there's angels around me Hook x 2 Verse 1(Young Buck) Lifes a bitch and then you die it couldnt be worse I either don't eat
u got somewhere 2 go
And I got somewhere 2 be right now
I'll make 'em wait all day long
If u wanna get a little wild

I don't want to be
and Elder Smith

Oh, I knew we'd get paired together

Your location will be France

France, land of pastries and turtlenecks

Two by two
I guess it's