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a hold on me
Will I live for another day?
Hey, Will I live for another day?

Well the queen of George street just went walking on by
Walking on by
watch you drink it all
I'm gonna watch you fall
You'll find me by your side
If you find me at all

So here it is on offer
Everything I have to give,
, I can't go fast
And ev'ry drink I take's the last
I'm always tryin' to save my health
I live my life all by myself

Ev'rything I have I own and no
wit us
The Loot-pack, they drink wit us
The homey Stylistic he drink wit us
Wolf-pack, they drink wit us
J. Wells, he drink wit us
KRS-One, he
"She gave me the number?  Hmmm I'm surprised"
Good conversation, over the phone
He began to come for me whenever I was alone
George was sweet, so nice
to blue.

The judge forgot to tell me
How I'd live my life alone,
What I would do without you
After loving you so long,
He didn't seem to care that
I am
is here
As I dream alone by the silent phone 
It's morning

Lonesome morning reverie
All the life's gone out of me 
Coffee's cold, paper's old
Words & Music by
Ed Bruce, Glenn Ray & Judith Bruce

I'd sure like to help you, but I've heard it all before
I'm sorry I can't tell you why she'd
What can I say 
To change you heart

I live my life
I live my alone
Cant help but think you'd come back home
But I cant forget a drink and then I
I want to live alone
Because the greatest love
Is always ruined by the bickering
The argument of living
So I want to live alone
I could be happy
woman staggered through the door and woke me up at two
She handed me her ID card and by George it was you
At baseball game you drink the beer and then

I don't want to be like old George Reeves
Stuck in a Superman role.
I've got a long way to go in my career
And some day my fame will
at the function 

Well it's some genius who lives by the Junction 
He's coming from a Harvard socialite luncheon 
Yo -- I hear his jeep clunking 
A jeep --
help me to live my life
I went from Jim Beam, to my bible
With Jesus and Bocephus, right there by my side

And I was cashing in, I was casting stones
Every man I fall for
Drinks his coffee black
Love and hate are tattooed on his knuckles, and
My name is on his back

Every man I fall for
this last
I know it hurts to feel so alone
I'm by myself, more then you can know

If only they were all alone...
They were all alone...

Just like George Jones and one of his gold plated chrome tin microphones
Well the only time that I ever got booed is when I busted a rap by the 2 Live

She lives with her parents in New Jersey and they love her very much;
And one night she and her friends decided they were going to come to New York
You drink, you drink alone
So alone, you're waiting for life to begin
Leave now and I'll follow you home
I wake you up to live how you wanted
think I'll buy myself a bottle, so I can drink my ass back home

Alright, alright
Go on and live your life tonight
I'm fine, man, I'm doin' alright
you won't hear much of that though in here though
It's full of cheerful chaps who whistle and leer and live on their own

I was sulking by
night and into the day. 

Because I'm so scared of being alone 
That I forget what house i live in. 
But it's not my job to wait by the phone 
Well I live all alone in Chickasaw County
Way out on 109
Where the run-down barns and rusty tractors
Are covered in Kudzu vines
For eighty-five
I never feel alone

Guardian Angel watching over me tonight
I'm sorry you got stuck with me
But I'm glad you're by my side

It's not good
c'mon and throw the dog a bone
A man he doesn't live by rock 'n roll and brew alone
Baby baby

Rock 'n roll and brew, rock 'n roll and brew

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