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One big family 
That will live eternally 
Together forever 
All you have to do 
Is receive the one who died for you 

I get so high I can't stay
it home

I can't wait to see the Wrangle Mountain
I can't wait to do what I will do
Honey, did I never say how time goes by so slowly
When I can
talk some shit forever young is in your mind
Leave a mark that can't erase neither space nor time
So when the director yells cut
I'll be fine
And if you follow me son
The window wrap around you
Carry from the ground
You will never be alone

You wait one turn to sunlight
That's falling
She said
Went on a boat going down by the river
Plenty more supplies
Seen a lot of planes going up in the air

Do you ever get the feeling
a teardrop from the sky (fallin' just like tears)
Do you wanna see me cry

There's a voice in my heart, calling out your name
I don't wanna wait forever
Can you feel the pulse?
Can you feel the heat rising from below?
Can you feel the energy?
It's gaining strength, oh, so slowly

But I'll wait, I
Machavellian approaches executed by the coach
I'm in these streets like a ghost
The air-jettin' artist
To the love, I hit 'em right plus I hit the hardest, man
lasts forever, forever wouldn't be much fun
Who can stop the rain?
Who can stop the rain from falling?
Who can stop this pain that's drowning
lasts forever, forever wouldn't be much fun 
Who can stop the rain?
Who can stop the rain from falling?
Who can stop this pain that's
dope boys (Dope boys)

Baptized by the dope boys, ordained by the assholes
My salvation is the cash flow
Whoa, oh
I'm walking on air

I'm talking big
that's love and it ain't no stopping it
I don't know as far as the eyes can see
Pick up the pace and it ain't no dropping it
Always forever I'll be by
Baby, that's love, and it ain't stoppin' it
I don't as far as the eyes can see
Pick up the pace, and it ain't no droppin' it
Always forever I'll be by
And I can live a lie but I think I 
Know better- 
Young hearts forever 

Don't wait one moment this time 
Love is forever (with somebody like
Was that the best I'll ever be

Can't keep my hands from shaking
Stumbling through the wreckage again
But you're gone

So I wait and I wait
Cast adrift in space no fear
By a pepper moon
Look at all the waves out here
Did we peak too soon?
All the deadly dreams we had
That I can
to wait for the miracles
I'm willing to wait them through 
I'm willing to wait for the miracles 
But I just can't wait, for you 
Just can't wait for you
But i gotta get enough to supply the sibling 
But i gotta be careful smugglin in 
Vaseline rapped around so it hide the sent 
While i wait Jose 
Planes get shot down in Cuban air space over the water 
I got insight it's a clear case of reading your aura 
Man what you got for us as my Black men
don't need to check your baggage
I don't need to know your name
All I need to know is
By the time you arrive, you'll forever be changed

Fresh new
at the same time
Expect you to apologize for trying
To make me so up tight
Don't say its just a game we play
I can't loose the taste

If you regulate how
Wait for me one more day
Forever my infinity

Never felt so alone,
And I can't seem to let you go
One more than I had, had you by my side,
and somebody got to love it
They want Mase for video, ain't in the budget 
I can't take a piss without a bitch tryin' to rub it
How could you know like this
the air

Steppin' out on nothin' and findin' somethin' there
Tellin' the doubt to wait, wait, wait, wait
I'm takin' a step of faith

It turns me out
As the cries start to penetrate
Still air
This day we celebrate
The wait now ends

From four corners smoke plumes into a reddened sky
(Woah oh, woah

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