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Down by the river, foggy and grey,
Only a young girl kneeling to pray
Down in the water, muddy and cold,
Eyes red from crying. A torn, ragged
by the Rio Grande

An unbroken chain snow and tears and rain
Cutting through my soul and to my veins
Then the waters rise paint the Rocky Mountain
Down by the river
Where the lights hung from the trees
Midnight swallows sunlight
Muddy water runs between your knees

Everybody wants to be
this secret that I hold
Will the water roll it all away will it cleanse my aching soul
But a man's gotta make it sometime a man's gotta take a stand
see God everywhere
Like a sad old melody that cheers you up, it sets you free
That's how Memphis lives in me

There comes a time when muddy waters
Traveling one more midnight mile, yeah

I want a cold home or county
Where man must walk alone
That was the home of Muddy Waters
And they called him
heavy heart. I'm a soul full of holes.
I'm a boat that is sinking, muddy waters threatening this baggage in my hold.
And there's a line in my head from
a dark heavy heart. I'm a soul full of holes.
I'm a boat that is sinking, muddy waters threatening this baggage in my hold.
And there's a line in my head
Where you don't want to be
Icy roar of muddy waters
Steals your last breath
There's no way back
An endless search
Thirst for living, feed suffering
I was born by the river
Raised by the sea
Baptized in muddy water 
To drown the devil in me
I'm going back to the river
Down to the stream
muddy water turns to wine

I got a woman down in Clarksdale
She say I can't be true
She gonna hit me with her hoodoo boys
If'n I don't be true
I got
In a town by the border
Where the skies light up at night
The river runs muddy water
And then in England lost the fight

In a tree there's
to get my face 
Dragged down in the muddy water
I don't need to say I'm godless anymore
Still I'm gone still I'm on the run
Still I'm on the break
Robert Johnson, that Muddy Waters, that James Brown, Augusta, GA
That Ray Charles, that Stevie Wonder, that Mayfield, that Superfly
That Willie Hutch
the hills are alive and the motor is dead
That man has a zero floating over his head
I follow my instincts, sometimes follow dogs
Drink muddy water, sleep
right here, is the Fam right here
And if you fuck with the Zoo you gon' get clapped right there
For this CREAM nigga, I'll walk through Muddy Waters
If he
really know me to love me
Instead you fucking try to mold me
And leave when shit is muddy waters
Feel my blues as I strums
I sit in crowds of people,
bein' pimped by business merchants behind closed curtains
Got a King but was uncertain
Then they relationship stopped workin'
and left her hurtin'
rag drop, and the west had it locked
Everybody doing 'em, I'm still scratchin on the block
Like "damn, I'ma be a failure"
Surrounded by thugs, drugs,
Prayin for young souls to laugh at life through the stars
Lovin your kids just like you was ours
And I'm hurtin for you dog; but ain't nobody
there's a date you gotta sell it by
Otherwise it just expires and spoils
And these folks jump out the pot when the water too hot
'Cause the fire boils
water the longer we stand in fire
When the grace and the peace and we'll never retire
For you, I'll answer your question, in a secretive manner
conscious, tryna’ walk on water
Feel the earth on me
You hatin’, I’ll be somewhere slayin’ bitches by their face on me
Catch a fade, Kobe, with an eighth
my brain
You ain't my daddy
You ain't my father
You're water, Walter
And my sister Laniesha
She really ain't your daughter
Now my momma got a real man
dodgin the troop boys
Jumpin in and out of Coupes, wavin for Duke boys
Always chased a penny, copped quarter waters
Tried to make a dollar chased my