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here she comes, (here she comes) that little town flirt (here she comes)
you're fallin for her and your gonna get hurt
yeah i know it so hard
I'd rather be hurt by you
Rather be hurt by you
Than to be loved by somebody else

I'd rather spend hours lonely and blue
Than one single moment

I'm dressed like a road beacon
On my way to Valhalla breakfast
And everything hurts
Can't you see the bitches by my side
Followin' me through
hurt, tell me, what can it be?

I didn't know what I was getting into
But I found out just by loving you
Pray some day she will return
I pray for

You're trying to hurt me
By sabotage
You're trying to hurt me
By sabotage

Hear what I say

by day)
But lies drove you further and finally away

It hurt's to be with you
It hurts to be without
It hurt's loving you
'Cause you're my reason
man fall
Hurt me to my bones
To see him high in the morning
And by evenin' see him gone 

Boy that woman belongs to the captain
Better let her go
I just got the goodbye news
Handed me, down by Travis Shoes
Yes, our love was just a lie
Don't want you to see me cry
But those are hurts
Though they're spoken so long ago

'Cause nothing can hurt you
Nothing can hurt you
No one can hurt you   
Like someone you love

Well I finally got
Everyone hurts and goes through pain
Whatever's first, it feels the same
Be young or poor, old age or fame
Know this for sure, everyone hurts, we all
When it hurts so bad (when it hurts so bad)
When it hurts so bad (when it hurts so bad)
Why's it feel so good? (when it hurts so bad)
(When it hurts
important crowing noise

It's gonna hurt me
It's gonna hurt me
As much as it hurts you
Low on meat and high on flies

You were hunted down by packs
No day passes by no night without cry my whole world is hurt from now on
Each minute reveals heartbreak so real my whole world is hurt from now
want every boy to pass you by 
But the tables turned (the tables turned) 
'Cause his words tell you're done 
Now the hurt's on you 
Your little
to pass you by 
Now the table's turned, 'cause his words tell you're done 
Now the hurt's on you Your little scheme backfired, it's true 
You thought it
to understand
You have to get by the best you can
Until you hurt, until you cry
You won't know about love
And the reason you're alive
You have to hurt

And I can't break your fall
It hurts when you can't see
And it hurts

Drop the switch, scratch the itch, watch it grow
Inch by inch, the cutting board,
All the itchy flakes, it is a flaming
All the gels and cremes it is pertaining
To a fungus mold cured by injection
Hope it's only ah, a yeast
It really hurts to be hurt by you

Lost my job to no one
Lost my baby to another man
That's what I get for going to 'Nam
Give my life to my country
life away
Dream by dream my future tumble down hurt by hurt I weaken every day
Night after night you don't come around tear by tear I'm crying my life
How you hurt me, oh how you cause me pain
Well hurt like mine you could never never understand
Never understand
I remember the tears were in my
Nothing, nothing, nothing hurts like love
Nothing brings your heart so much pain
And you will never learn till you get burned
Till your burned by
I woke up today
Surrounded by blackness
A small warning sign
Devoured the process
It’s always been fine
I get up and ignore this
And it’s hard to say
I'd Rather Hurt Myself
By;Randy Brown

Rather hurt, hurt myself
Than to hurt you

All the talk
That's going around town
About me and Mary
Sometimes love can feel
Like the closest thing to heaven
Sometimes love can feel
Like you've been run over by a car, yes it can


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