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the crates, I scan
Step into the realm, what you gonna do
Get the party people somethin' funky to listen to

Misdirected hostility, that's what you got, see
Hostility hostility
Hostility hostile
Come build a home inside of me
To crumble at your will
Your will
Your will

Your will
Your will
Your will

the blows come out
Sing out the blows

Liberty gives agility
To every human being (fly free bird)
Liberty not hostility
To every human soul (fly)
Break down
Hostility your fantasy
Questioning her sanity
Just another casualty
Place of unreality
Faking for a century
Still you refuse to see
All of her
kin to me
Tell me what's wrong
Why all the hostility
I see people and
They just want a lot from out of me
If you set the bar
They'll just think you out
to grow

No end to the hostility
Now they wanna be somewhere else
No stranger to brutality
Now they'd like to be someone else

Older than Kosciusko
then you should stop my bleeding 

Do it, no don't ever make me do it 
There's hostility from everyone around, yeah 
Do it, no don't ever make me do
knees then you should stop my bleeding 

Do it, no don't ever make me do it 
There's hostility from everyone around, yeah 
Do it, no don't ever make
The lie unfolds

Feeling this hostility, I pray
Begging, make this evil go away
Conveying the things I only fear
Building my sanctuary
make myself clear, I don't give a fuck
All you people can suck my motherfuckin' dick

What's with the hostility? Why is it so provoked?
You're living
Oh impasse
You cannot hold back this old muse of mine
No trespass
No hostility

I can feel
The interspatial latency
Hinting at what it means
To be
and hostility yeah
But you gotta laugh
'Cause there's something that I cannot do without
And it's in your hand

Where have I gone and landed tonight
never know 
You'll live on hostility 
Breakaway, from the mayhem and misspent youth 
And think about the bitter pill you swallow 

Lost, in paradise
It's on level infinity
Always test myself
Gotta improve my abilities
You gotta calm it down
'Cause I'm sensin' hostility
It's 'bout who you are
Not 'bout
I've foreseen your end
The time has come


Wicked, just begin to raise
Growing up like a desease
Suspicious, around each other
Become a shield for unsecurity

Hostility has spread out
of energy ripped out from inside of me put out into the world
Met with hostility, ignorance, sadness, obstruction, destruction and animosity
Still I stay my
your hard work
Consumed in a moment 
Of thoughtlessness
Never underestimate

Like water douses fire
Love will conquer all

Ever present

Consuming me with despair
Niggas taken me for granted unfair
Nothing but hundred percent animosity
Everyday feeling of sudden hostility
to get along
But now I only wanna see you die
I walk the road alone from here
You laid your fuckin’ hands on me
And your hostility was like cyanide tea
Its big baby you know me
I don't need hostility 
I just want that money please
I just want that money please
(Yeah they call me)
don't believe that
Hostility will deliver meHostility, delivers me
Inviting, luring, closer to the end
Yet not too far to look over your shoulder
and hostility
Regenerating negativity and hostility
Regenerating negativity and hostility

You and I can conquer all the negative vibes
Hang around with our
to the routine

This instability
My own worst enemy
Bitter hostility
I know I'm what's killing me

No ambition, no goals no self respect
No one else to care what

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