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to fight
'Cause they love Makonnen

Pull up (shoot, shoot)
Hop out (shoot, shoot)
Let a whole clip go (shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot)
Pull up (shoot,
for you
I thought I seen a ghost because your son look like you fool
King Troup

I hop out, I'm dabbin'
My old lady classy
We on to this
Right now, sound

Smash for the clout
Dash, I'm out
Mashin' for the clout
TT, GT for the clout
Ooh, hop out
Draco on the couch
hop out the coupe
When I hop out the coupe
Real niggas I'ma salute
'Cause I got the juice, I got the juice
Nigga I got the juice, she popping pussy
Loubs with the spikes, she get it
Everything I got, she gettin' it, yeah
Bentley sedan, she get it
Hop out the Benz, she gettin' it
Hop out the Lamb,
(for real, for real)
Truthfully between you and me I'm usually single
When it's hot outside this, I ride through any hood with the top out
Hop out
spaz (They gon' spaz)
Whole clip on yo ass
Whole clip on yo ass (Graa-bow-bow-bow)
Nigga hop out and spaz (Nigga hop out)
We gon' hop out and spaz
and every little girl
Will hop in 'round the hoppy world
Mummy and daddy, you can call 'em along
But you can't out hop the hoppity song

Hop hop hippity,
Alright, cool
(Yeah) Yeah

Talk to me baby (talk)
You's a prissy little missy, baby
I got one night for you baby (lit)
And so hop out
One altercation, we swervin' wit' gats
Hop out where you at, put a curve in your hat
Your bitch do what I tell her, my word in her ear

Trap in
Ay ay ay ay ay
Gravy train Nature Boy Ric Flair pop shit
Think I'm Randy Savage when I hit you with that drop kick

Hop in, walk out
me hold you close and tell
You everything I'm thinking
Hop on out and let the tailgate fall
Get drunk on you with no alcohol
If you don't stop I'm
for 9 birds, what I'ma do with that?
Pull up on the curb, then you hop out and be through with that
I'm so fresh like dish detergent, if you not fresh
night for you, baby (yeah)
And so hop out the clothes, let 'em drop to the floor
I want you to talk to me, baby (remix)
You's a prissy little missy,
didn't know my name, oh yeah

It's when you calling I'm there
Like "ooh, ah, pull up, hop out, ooh, ah"
When you calling I'm there
Like "ooh, ah, pull
didn't know my name, oh yeah

It's when you calling I'm there
Like "ooh, ah, pull up, hop out, ooh, ah"
When you calling I'm there
Like "ooh, ah, pull
in a foreign on a weekday
Hop up out the car and let my speaker play
My honey say she make you nut in one way
She got all the niggas at her but she
you tell me come through
I pull up, hop out, yeah
'Cause I love it when you (boss up)
Boss up, yeah
Call the shots, yeah
When you tell me how you
miles just to feel your smile
Girl I wanna touch you while I kiss your lipstick
Around the bend down the road, hop in out of the cold
Itchin' to get my
the garage)
Once I hop up out the car
(Once I hop up out the car)

I'm gon' relieve your
Stress (stress) yes (yes)
Baby fall back
Tonight I'm gon' be working
never had a nickel, now I'm countin' money when I fiddle

You see me hop out the minivan
You never see the way I came, lookin' like a fisherman
Pulled the Bentley truck to the clear port, go and board the Lear
I'ma hop out, drip drip in the flyest gear
Everything came from Saks Fifths
So tell me what ya'll gone do 

I got friends and you got friends and you got friends 
They hop out and you hop in 
I look fly and they jockin'
I'mma pull up, just to hop out and stunt
Errybody know wassup, ride on it
Pound in my cup
'Cause you only live once
Feel the vibes on it

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