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HookyHooky Flow 


go to school today
The teachers always in my face
I don't wanna go to school today
I wanna punch the lunch lady

Hooky, hooky, hooky
Let's play
that's for sure
Let me know 
I can take you anywhere you wanna go

We can play hooky baby
We can play hooky baby
We can play hooky baby
We can play hooky
Hooky high hooky Jo
I need you so
Hooky bye hooky go
Where I don't know
Looky high looky low
Where can you be
Hooky high hooky Jo
I need your
тебя лишь теплые слова
(hooky player hooky player hooky player hooky player hooky player hooky player)

Мой взгляд на жизнь принцессы не так оригинален
Fully playing hooky, fully playing hooky yeah we're
Fully playing hooky, fully playing hooky I've got
People standing with me, people standing with
Donnie steels a car
Tis the summertime
Sipping down the jars
With their fake ID’s
In love
Playing hooky now
Johnny’s son
Most fearless alive
a co-worker's mess 
Or stay home and don't get dressed
At your desk, a joyless sack lunch
Or go out for mimosa brunch
I've got a great idea
Let's play hooky 

to use me
Pretty little black-eyed Suzie
Playing hooky with my heart all the time
Living with her funky family
In a derelict old alley
Down by the river
Honey and i am the bumblebee)

In the game I'm a rookie 
I'm with yo bitch playing hooky
I smoke the gas yeah da cookie
Look me up you can book me 
A do-it-anywayin'
Playin' hooky from school
A water tower poet class of '73
He'd say by God you better know it if you're runnin' with me
Cause I'm skinny dippin'
on canal street
Under the wheels of a car on canal street
Under the wheels of a car on canal street
(under the wheels
to play some hooky
High up, see me fly
Krabs looks petrified (He's scared)
Tells me to come down
Now I'm asking why (What's up)
Says the hooks are bad
No les gusta que siga su camino
Siempre vestido de negro en casino
Tremenda pinta, always hooky,
Graduated even though I played hooky
Tremenda pinta, always hooky
Graduated even though I played hooky
Negativo, apositivo, es la verdad
Y siempre te lo digo

Echa pa'lla, todo lo malo
Bless shawarma Bitch please
Even in war zone always time to party
Hot ladies, hot beaches, hot masheweh khayeh
Everywhere I got my hooky
Follow me
Rockstar lifestyle always playing hooky
I know that it ain't good for me good for me
Weird flex let me try make it ushy gushy
Snow bunny caught a vibe now
Chasing da pussy get played like fiddle 
Over yo head like money in da middle
Hooky remix but i changed it a little
She hand out a test n she made me
nigga playing hooky
For this gushy
Air him out
Made in the south
You bitches on me
For the clout

Bitches wanna be me
And can't
Spend they whole savings
Blowing cookies in the air
Ain't no rookie
I was playing hooky
Now I'm playing this in Stussy's
Rolled like twenty J's
Polo Shirt, Taupe Haze Jordan
We played hooky for the thrill of it
No call no show we don't give a shit
Passports and plane tickets
We're running away
We're gonna throw a big
dziar siedzę w chacie dziabam nowy track
Nie nie nie nie nie nie nie mam dziar młody V to biały murzyn
Skinny skinny skinny white

Leci Hooky hooky sound
Play With It 
Play wit the pussy, wanna play with the pussy Come get a hooky, baby come get a hookyI wanna fuck you baby, I wanna fuck youIf we not
It's too nice out
Let's play hooky
And get high 'til we both float away
We won't show today
Doesn't matter what they say
What goes up can stay
A young bull was playing that hooky
But i only did it to hit the stu
So promoters would put me in bookings
Come get you a feat they goin for the low
But i

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