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honor delusions and falsified life comfort systems as boy in the bubble huddled up to simple simon subtle. Born tomahawk. Shock the peanut gallery loopy.
been waiting around 
Systems failing now 
On your honor so I hear 
It's never been your fault you swear 
Is the union based on fear? 
Countdown to zero, ignition
Rising in smoke, glowing fire

Thrusting into the sky of the morning
All system down

Straight to the core
C.N. system bypassed
Ready for war
Targets now hostile
Pushed to the edge
These colors have borne no retreat
Good morning, your honor
The first case is the United States versus Sean Jacobs
AKA Sheek Louch
AKA Silverback gorilla
AKA Donnie G
Our records
out of my system
Here's some M=FCnchen wisdom

They're cool and they know it
Don't drool or you'll blow it

Wack Wack Wacky Wacky Women
Wack Wack
Five - Four...
System countdown will begin.
Will you honor your thoughts?
With ignition switches flipped, are you true to your word?
But we´ll
I'm an outkast
But don't count me out 

Underground dwellaz, roaming beneath the cellars
Failed us with this system, ain't living how
of its 
Inequality the sense and value lost trodden upon tear tear tear I will no 
Hold back anymore I will not fall victim to a system that holds down
Hobbled by the fact
That there must be a problem
Confident that there's a trace
Of honor that we share
Lets begin again
And lets not try
To see us through

Conquered nations of our foe
We have subdued
Strength and honor from the helm
We bring to you tempered steel
Of knives and swords
Citizen retaliation, the mode of your demise
Moral speculation, some other poor bastard's life
The system has fucked up, left this hollow void
and all
I dig a tunnel or just scale the jailhouse wall
Your honor..

[Chorus: unknown reggae artist]
True me ???
Dem a see me push weight and dem
ain't no honor
Livin all reckless like there ain't no karma
You ain't on punishment, I ain't your momma
I just had to expose the truth like Leonardo
Say man ay ushers, deacons, lock the do'

(I love, to give you light)

Yeah, first of all
Givin honor to God, and all the ministers
Say man ay ushers, deacons, lock the do'

I love, to give you light

Geah, first of all, givin' honor to God and all the ministers on the pulpits
miss you'll be among the stars (space)
Backstroke in my pool of thought but don't mind the sharks (wavy)
Ab-solar system intergalactic soldier
Lupe say
the system, get you in the soil
And your funeral was sponsored by Unocal
Saw you UVN, nigga digital


I know, it's fucked up how they do us
all a dream
On the corner servin' all them fiends
Me and a bunch of my niggas, yeah, we was all a team
The system labeled us killas, but momma called
pick her out a line up
I just wanted some time, she say "okay I'm ya honor"
But she been wantin' to break up, since dolce and gabbana
All that ass I
and to meet you is an honor (honor)
Lil mama
I got a table waiting
What you think about a convo'
And if you like it baby we could take it to the condo
And if
and spread it through the slums?
Fed it to the young with total disregard
Your honor, the State seeks the maximum charge
And how could you, turn right
the system at Lady Justice I blaze nine
Your Honor, I no longer kill my people, I raise mine
The soul of Mumia in this modern day time

While the jury is
You can come, I'll leap right over
Any day you like
System Six-O-Five, Union Ninety-One

I forever wallow in glitches grimly distributed by side

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