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And comin' in you get the 3rd world war

Tuesday after school
We put our pennies on the rails
And when the train went by
We were jumpin' round
to written word
Over lessons of life, the 3rd of Bass
Face up, step to a devil
Not takin, but remain invisible
Men judge by passin a mountain
called Caucus,
the 3rd degree
The 3rd to be urgen me, these niggas want to murbed me
They scared of the consequences comin' from my defenses

It ain't that expensive, have
Killa Bees live in the place to be
Burn 3rd degree on the m-I-see
So deadly cones a catastrophe
And this is the way we crack the party
Rec, rec,
can do what you like


Riding on the 3rd rail, taking risks, life is risky
The 'E' stands for Epic and the 'S' stands for Shifty
So let
listen but make no mistake
Your 3rd rate policies that fuel my hate
Cold, glazed expressions are what I endure
Blind, mute and deaf seems the only cure
kept me warm and she kept me fed

July 3rd was a dreaded friend of mine
We'd all go down to the family plot in the Louisiana pines
Staring at that
the Illuminati stripped us of Bohemian growth
Burning 3rd degree free masons of old the American Chapter, "the skull and bones"
The matrix sign of the sacred
a jelly roll, ask that killa Lil Bland
Got a vision of that 3rd Ward rule'n the land
Commin' up on hoes, tellin' them to jump in the van
Mommy please
the hood and we blowing on candy
Stay G'd up from my head to my feet
I was raised in the 3rd that's the heart of the streets
Saw death and crime for
and 3rd Precinct screamin "Free Yayo"
If the beef is set let's squeeze off a tec
And with my last breath still screamin I.F., clap wit me


in the 3rd degree
And to the kids you don't wanna be me
I'm up in the mix of action, where niggas wanna kill me
But it's the start of they ending my
restless, tryna tell 'em that I'm hotter than a burn of the 3rd degree,
Then I try to tell 'em that nobody in the world as hot as me! me,
If you really
confused about a lot of things, but not with my fate
So I'm depending on your holy ghost to guide me the way
See I'm a sinner in the 3rd degree
Ain't afraid
embracing a 3rd world
[Outro: RES sample]
Scratch underneath the surface
stand the heat
'Cause it's comin' out the kitchen givin' burns 3rd degree
Get you ace bandages and alo vera for the barbeque
The closer to the Lotus
the jaws of the alien this time
(theyre open wide)
This is the end of your life

3rd verse
Theyre out to get you, theres demons closing in on every side
chase it down trying to kill the beat,
Yeah, ? me some,
Let me inhale then breathe,
And I will bring hell to heat the fire burns at 3rd degree
after big banks 
3rd Ward hustlas, soldiers in combats 
My comrades is dealas and killas with TRU tats 
Never gave a fuck bout no hoes or no riches
badly, baby girl just like daddy
(A 3rd Outlaw)
Shorty I lend my hand out ta help ya
Loss soul looking for shelter, on the late night accept ya
went from cheddar to cheese from powder to cooked rocks 
From the ghetto to the lakes 
(to the lakes 3rd ward, Caliope) 
Slangin' thangs in the hood
to the muthafuckin dogg house

Picture me ballin' (ballin')
3rd world hustler out the ghetto of New Orleans
Some say life is like a fairy tail (fairy tail)
"The Gas Face" like 3rd Bass
L.L. stands for Lickin' Lyor, or Lickin' Lichty
Lickin' Lyles, Lickin' Labels, lickin' they balls
Under the conference
Congressmen in seats 

Your little raps won't even last 

in this world of cheats 

(chorus 2x) 

3rd verse 

(david banner) 

The sun shines
Oh oh
Everywhere you are
Oh oh oh

It's 3rd back again
And I need you baby like oxygen
If I start from 10 telling you how I feel
By the time