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recorded as a demo by Bee Gees in late 1966 and first released in 1970 on the Inception / Nostalgia 2-LP set.
The seed and the black woman
(It's Yours!)
Double LP from Wu-Tang Clan
(It's Yours!)

Yo, super freak physique, like Raphael Saadiq
Baby love the ganja leaf,
On the radio
Whoa, oh, oh 
On the radio 
Played in shorter version:
If you think that love isn't found on the radio
Well tune right in you made find
On a starry night, down in Virginia

I fell in love with a blue eyed girl

Her kiss was warm, her touch was tender

The sweetest one in all the world
Sandwiches for Breakfast 
Sayin ooh your this and oooh your that uh uh uh hold up cutie

What's your favorite song off that L.P.
"Ah, Wax that Booty"
I pile my rhymes by the heap on cassettes, Lp's, cd's and 12 inches
Perform the shit and get the girl like pinches
With good intentions, the key
from Dame
Second, you stole Kanye from Dame
Third, you stole Roc-A-Wear from Dame
Forth, I seen the nigga throw that diamond up 
Before them shots
fiance, check my 2nd LP (check my second album)
I might bring it back, that's your girl, that's your world
Had the thing, fucking singing bout slinging
up at seven
To the sound of my alarm
Sometimes I read about the third world
And the hunger there you find
Sometimes love it can be blue
Back by popular demand it's a must
50 MC's with plans to discuss
Plus (say what?)
I be the first one to set it
Watch what you ask for, you just
to Monaco
No yacht, but, we can rent a boat
With the paddles, but we could roll slow
And see the world
Make love ripples, by the boat drift
That's the alkaholiks functions, conjunction junction
The remix version for all the brothers out there
That got shit on they chest and just wanna
the story of, that's the glory of love

You've got to laugh a little, cry a little
Before the clouds roll by a little
That's the story of, that's
The Syndicate of Sound is playing
At the Free Frank Frenzy
Me and Mitchell
Drinking ourselves into gin oblivion
Hold onto this, hold onto that
got numbered days
'Til I go back to my little world where it's just me and my imaginary friends.

So go on, love, find a new direction,
(hold my
black Explorer with the Eddie Bauer 
XL el reefer puffer sells 
My name ring bells and my vocal tracks the third wails 
Dwell stale mad plus I make now
Comin out to {fuck} with the best, put it in your chest
Inhale it and hold that, blow it out when I say let go; let's see
If you can hold your
And an auto magnetic third world printed with metal plates in they knees 
Can't you hear the disenchanted, hide the scream of 
Gabriel's reflected new wind
a shark in the sea
A wee bit shy, but I comply by me
And I'm a mean mother fucker when I have to be
Got young g's with sleeves and thieves on hold
with a third try
Rolling like a berzerk diet
With fifty sides on the hurt grind
It's me against the world, I
Walk around and get cursed by
screaming for peace
Brothers behind bars fighting with the beast
Third world countries plus the Mid East
We all gon die if the battles don't cease
Big, bad, and bold B-boys of old
Many styles we hold, let the story be told
Whether platinum or gold, we use breath control
So let the beat
a change of heart
Of mind of body and soul in time to the pulse of your blood and breath in the neck of the world and all that mother nature can hold
after me?
Think of who you are and who you be
My energy holds it down like the nfc
I'm going thorough through your borough
Wit my raider jacket and my
the hip-hop's pumping through the blood in my veins 
Like a junkie, fucking with 'ron and cocaine 
Slay you both down, better hold down or get clowned 

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