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a target
They wanna set me up, I guess more money equals more problems
They wanna hit me, wanna stick me, get me for my riches
They wanna diss me, want
bitches, specialist lounging at the mosque
Suede kufi wrap, undercover dentist
Rhymes is made of garlic, never in the target when the NARCs hit
Rumor is you
bitches, specialist lounging at the mosque
Suede kufi wrap, undercover dentist
Rhymes is made of garlic, never in the target when the NARCs hit
Rumor is you
with a target 

  Bloo   and the target is hit 

I shot the lyric then reload the clip 

  Bloo-- another shell hits the ground 

Along with
She hit the borderline
The day she finally crossed the line and spoke
Without the hope
That had her choked till now

And swiftly to her head came
to find a better way, I've got a
Hustle still to get my pay before I hit bottom

Now some might say that I'm already there but who are
They to judge
As gas fill the room and rockets destroy everything around him
He stands to find himself surrounded
By thousands of soldiers that he once trained
hanging by
Best intent / actions switch
Sling is loaded with weighted words
You can barely hold with the weakened hands
The tension snaps and target rings

South side till I die


Weak bitch

This hot shit by David Banner 

Your ain't gotta go no where nigga

I'm up in this city, you can
Target hits the ground - honeymoon in hell

Shot - shot by both sides
In a war that won't cease
They gave their lives
Unheard cry for peace

the face
Pull that bitch out in the yard, slap that hoe in the face

[Verse 1 - David Banner]
Hoe I ain't got respect, I'm comin' straight to ya crib
rip up flows that 
make an MC stop and chill and say HE'S ALL THAT 
Hardcore no R&B singer 
Roll with the Hit Squad... down with the head banger
is so great

As gas fills the room and rockets destroy
Everything around him he stands to find himself surround
By thousands of soldiers that his once
to sink my fuckin' battleship 
Turnin' on his flashers  callin' up the dogs 
Now my Lexus Coupe is flex surrounded by the hogs 
Snatchin' out my seats,
Stop! The first one to hit the cop wins
His death was so obvious
Make up the things that you did
I hid in bushes, I was tripping on this
Blinded by the light, you might just plummet through the cosmos to see Apollo standing and function before a board hits a high note 

I take
in that hoodulum wall club poorin liquor on niggaz 
It's green fellish for life dere they go hit the lights 
Back do it in park,as I bounced up out
in hell, some for squeezing 
No hope for a remedy, nothing to believe
Moving targets who walk with the star in their sleeve
Forever marked wit
Oh please, oh please, oh please, just gimme just one more hit 
Who got the camera? 
Who got the camera?

I knew when I saw that deputy smirkin'
then I ricochet
Fast past a brother's ass, oh damn, what that nigga say
"Aww fuck it", next target's Margaret's face
And I struck it
Now it's a flood
the best arrow, arrow
We hit the target accurate
Star shit, back it up
When we hit town, y'all niggas pack it up
That's how we get down, straight smash it up
how I did 'em
I let the rhythm hit 'em

I push a power that's punishable
Better be a prisoner
The hit man is the
Brother wit' charisma

Showing you that
And the loud bright colors that I wear
I was a target cause I'm a fashion misfit
And the outfit that I'm wearing brothers dissing it
Well I stay
[Intro: Mannie Fresh]
Treat your throwback chicks right
Ya know what I'm sayin they are people too
Every chick that I used to like
Done turned dike
and me
Fallen down, just like a shooting star
With no fallen angel standing by
To carry you away

Target practice with other people's lives
Hit a few

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