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[Intro: RZA]
Yo, the great Digi
	"What are you looking for?"
The World's greatest mind
Bob Digital
	"Man with no mother"

Yo, try to cross
Instrumental tools, so knowledge dilapidated
Forced to bring it back, the most high heals the wounds
From the time you conceived, to the day you lay
and rap to relieve them
The party society, groovi'n in a high anxiety
There's dancers by the variety, so go 'head and try it g
As I do body work like
Just, j-j-just kids
J-j-just kids, just, just kids
Like we were just kids
Just kids, j-j-just kids
J-j-just kids, j-j-just kids

Bob Marley was painted
Bobby's goin Digital 

Hoverin the city inside the Wonder Woman's invisible jet 

Clouded by the Meth we move undetected 

in secret society sects,
I'm down by law, and I'm from the Dogg Pound 

[Verse One: Kurupt]
It's the incredible, the lyrical 
You can't be me like Niece, to see me is gonna
Mansa Musa
Pharaoh Monch & Pharaoh Sanders
It seems I got low tolerance
And high standards
Seems I got questions
That defy answers
If you were rich while
to me
So how the fuck you inherit my style?
Now, out the clear blue sky, I can't deny
Not a day goes by don't get high; don't ask why
"My line of work is considered by some to be a... 
A tumor on society, be careful Mr. Magenta there are benign tumors, 
And there are others, that

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