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to www.fuckthemmotherfuckersradio
Where you will only hear racial shit

E plural pursued 'em, all seein eye, ocular exam
The Apocalypse, back by popular demand
Innocuous but
shit, we made us
The Rap Pack, I'm Sinatra, Dame's Sam Davis
Big's the smart one on the low like Dean Martin
We came in this game, not begging niggas
Throw up my feet because my shoes too sick, I dos this
AP in the AM, by the afternoon the jewels switch
Day to day, there's so many chains, I can outdo
Copper Helicopter when I'm playing golf (fore)

Yeah yeah yeah yeah, hooah, hooah, hooah

Yeah, I got bitches by the catalogue playing leapfrog
niggas flyin' me weed in by helicopter
You look sad when I pass in this toy Benz
You gon' be real mad when I bag ya boyfriend

The paint is peelin?
Before R. Kelly had his teens.. Wutang had their cream
Slick Rick had his rings... crack rock had it's fiends
Martin Luther had his dreams, Stevie

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