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Heaven sent"

And it came to pass
That there went out a decree
From Caesar Augustus
That all the world would be taxed

And each went to be taxed
blessed by the heaven
Yeah, the capitol of lust
No one knew a better town plentiful of threasures
Wrapped on silk

No, kingdoms are clay
If there's no chief
command shall be."

She took her two babes by the hand
And gave them kisses three
"Sit still at home you darling little babes,
Keep your father sweet
my bones
Aretha Franklin, that Shirley Caesar, that Miss Nina Simone
That Sade, that Love is King, that Coltrane, that Love Supreme
That Miles
people, we are the future

[Chorus: x2]

Harriet Tubman, Shirley Caesar
Miss Jane Pittman, Juanita Bynum
Maya Angelou, Bishop T.D. Jakes
Madam C.J.
caught up by the side of her breastses
She'll murder you while eating your breakfast
You'll die wanting to try how good her sex is
Baby's shit wiggle
ain't right, his church ain't right

Deacon is a pimp, tell by his eyes
Mrs. parks said, "Brother starks, meet you at the numbers spot
Heard you got red
his church ain't right
Deacon is a pimp, tell by his eyes
Mrs. Parks said, "Brother Starks, meet you at the numbers spot
Heard you got red tops out,
Mashin', I'm laughin' off da petty
Eyes heavy, puffin my resi, God help me
Can y'all tell me something this good?
Now it's Black Caesar bumpin'
crucified mutual suicide. 
Who am I? Loco with vocals, goin' coast to coast. 
Heaven'll move me, right, for sure. 
Deception whether my brethren, but sunny
or whoever you're talking to, Tesla - whoever you're talking to. Problems of the future can be solved by mankind because you create them. And you have
the clouds form, then they dark in the sky
Then the heavens roar when a couple of them collide
Then the most toxic rain landed on my
Caesar then Jesus
the picture
With them gone, my men storm the globe and
then we'll own it, like Caesar and the Romans
Time flies, years become moments
And the Outsidaz still
Phenomenon John legendary heaven would know
I'm on a never-ending run, Dave Letterman
My enemies on a Ethan Hunt, but they can't get in my zone
through with the Ceasar Picadas
At high school got head by the lockers
Gassed the baddest girl in the class to show me her knockers
Rocked jewels dropped
really never died
You crucified mutual suicide, who am I?
Local with vocals going coast to coast
Heaven'll move me right fo sho
Deception weather my

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