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refused to end.

And if your head is happy, and your heart's insane,
I'll take you there,
When you throw your thunder and you snap my reins,
(Do it, click it, feel it, drink it, pull the trigger)
It's the last time
Same thing that you said last time
We forever drinkin', but the thirst is
skrilla, for rilla Killa, doller bill-a This trigger is not ya friend and it gots no heart So don't be thinking I won't stop yours Give me everything ya got
Omission presence, my CHARM is the weapon 
With cameras mics and satellites that leave privacy breathless 
You don't even know the chemicals you've
to recovering
And is after my head, there's nothing I can do now 'cos
I've Made my bed, just gonna have to lie in it and watch where I tread,
Yo I made
As we head out through that strange old morning door

This game is no game
But it’s played all the same
And I love it even
If it makes me deranged
to grab my old school tape
Mad with no music, but happy cause free
And the streets to a player is the place to be
Got a knot in my pocket, weighing

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