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twice a year at the National Guard Armory
Or the old school house we'd go see
The Blackwood Brothers who were coming to town
To sing especially for me.
of Christian goodness
When he learned about your plight
You maintained he made a present of his silver

That is right
But my friend you left so early
Cause he bought a mansion in Patterson New Jersey
The house that was owned by Lou Castello
At the age of 25 life was so mellow
A father of 4, each
late branded my mental
Hal's my role model in that Lincoln Continental
Bought all my friends icees, it was about six
And when he pull off I was like "See
feel your legs kid
I’m a gangsta corporate hustla, my voice is illustrious
Hounded by vicious dons, nigga we armed, trust me bruh
They yellin' Chef,
rock a few with my brother Kenny 

>From twenty-thousand to ten I'm housin 

African culture is what I'm arousin 

In your consciousness, soul
thing like
The Starry Skies,
And you'll like it when you find out what he's got
In the backyard,
By the parking lot.

Hey Baby, you're my favorite
Peace my Nubian brothers (Peace)
Ayyo knowledge this, we came here to do one thing
And this is what we gonna do

We gonna drop the bomb (Drop
Peace my Nubian brothers (Peace)
Ayyo knowledge this, we came here to do one thing
And this is what we gonna do

We gonna drop the bomb (Drop
Live by the sword and die by the knife
My mother called to give her best
The police picked up the phone started to laugh
And said he's under
bit I'm coming as ebit 
Got on big hoes at Freaknit frequently your telling me 
Won and worn your rockets, so, he ain't put no scratch in my pocket
Checking the young chicks, looking for hit and run prospects
He was fascinated by material objects
But he understood money never bought respect
He build
him with the lean
I sweep him, then attack the spleen
Play the congas on his backbone
He's funk baritone until I twisted his dome
Creep up on my
cause he was dissed on Soul Train
He got booed because his rhymes are so lame
He ain't the only one, he's far from it
There's more on Earth and they're
The preacher, he's busy tryin to save souls
The devil, he wants all control
You see, life is to be lived on the right accord
So don't sweat it, young brother
like strangers?
Is He a battery that's charged by my faith?
Who's at fault when I race but then I fall on my face?
Is God to blame for our intentions?
will live forever, my fame will be maintained
Now some can't feel this, and some feel can't that
But all can feel a track that's produced by Battlecat
And now Ladies & Gentlemen, Lupe Fiasco

Filet mignon with my food stamps
Car cosigned by my mama
Medical card from Obama
Background check for
what you thought it was clay?
Thought it was gold?  Only thing it bought was your soul
Split your wig, then confuse you for that fork in the road
I don't
She wanted ice, I copped the class
Her pops was Jamaican and Arab, sellin' that skab
He bought her a lab and a brand new Jag'
She attended
Nicki Minaj!)

(I) Fuck with your soul like shETHER
(Will) You ain't the queen, I'll show you
(Not) Lipo your ass and belly
(Lose) I prove you lost
all of my proceeds
Don't I flow like I don't bleed? Every cut is just dumb
After me there will be none I told you there is only one (Soul)
Yeah, and I