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the capability like infertility
'Cause opening your mouth to question my validity
Is like trying to contradict the theory of relativity
When I spit is
love being criminalised
I hate the straight-jacket schools I grew up in
I hate MPs, judges and magistrates
I hate being taught to base my life on TV

We are listening
Plead for attention
But it ain't good if you don't wait
It ain't good if you don't wait

I'm the plot in every movie
Yet my theory
Execute my limbs just to kick me in the face
The mutant elements
Area of descent
Multiplied by mass of ten
Smack the simpleton
The jaw
Will it descend
the bull by the horns
One man's enemy is another man's friend
One man's poisons is another man's medicine
So let us stand, let us sit and let us view
It's jazzy, hip-hop hanging in my head heavy
Malik said "Riq, you know the planet ain't ready, for the half"
Boy, we comin' with the action pack
as well
Niggas rebellious, bodies are found down in the cellars
My man caught a shot to the stomach, now who want it?
Confronted by these dusty blunted -
my dirty Jesse James
The CEO of dirty and he go by Cornell Haynes
Mean-mugging all you niggas like I hopped up out your dame
I'm like uh-oh, there
in ya fightin squad
He said Nicky man you know the street theory
I can't let the competition near me
I hate em' dearly
I'm so out of control in my
Secret Service
I guess, attempts at my life with loaded barrels
So move over Colin Powell or just throw in the towel, yo

World is hating, that's forever
harder to be the Gods we created to be
This Western way of life ain't native to me
Put one nigga in your Pulp Fiction and relate it to me?
I hate it
I'm 'bout to do my thing to shine. 
Said everybody

It's not luck that I'm sittin' here 
Spittin' for y'all.
Preeld in by
my gun in nine months 'bout to give birth right now
Run all up in a nigga hood and take his turf right now
Nothing's what your life is worth right
the pack?
We for shack ship, you know laugh it off
Years just blow by
My eyes stay fixed but the picture's kinda outta focus
I cry a lot but admit to it
many didn't want to see it happen 
Street moves, live from Staten, if life is a joke, nobody laughin '
Hate to see a brother do good through legal
school life with a fresh occupation 
Without society there's no communication 
We feel a lot of hate, a lot of frustration 
But we are driven by
the thirteenth knot (Hangman)
I arrange panoramic of a plastic catalogue
And where wild dogs sing tailor-made lullabies tried by my offspring
I'll bring
I am into splergin', 
One life to live tomorrow ain't for certain, 
Your my understudy you need to quit workin', 
So I start a show until they
nothin, whatever you're doin is makin my brain feelin the touch
Eliminate hate, open the palms and carry your babies, I sing this song
Walk in the garden
to deliver 
Type gifted, treat the mic right, or I might rip it 
Critics dig my style cause I write different, no hype 
I just kick it, low lifes, they want
to deliver 
Type gifted, treat the mic right, or I might rip it 
Critics dig my style cause I write different, no hype 
I just kick it, low lifes, they want
I made a vow to my creator and I won't break it

[ Chorus ] (sung w/ adlibs by Chino*)
So many tears I've cried *I've cried
So much pain inside
just a fuckin conspiracy theory?
That's why Conservative racists are all runnin' shit
And your phone is tapped by the Federal Government
So I'm

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