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Oh Hawk Dame, Oh Hawk Dame,
How could you be so mean
When gifted with the prettiest face that I had ever seen?
Oh mistress of the sky,

She's a Spoon Fed Criminal
She's a harpy on a harpoon holiday high
She's a Spoon Fed Criminal
She's the poison in a pain-scape
Bad mine a di worsest disease
A no syphilis a no harpies
Bad mine a di worsest disease
Mi sure hey missa bad mine come fi di cure
Go jump off
Harpies Bizarre

I looked on but hesitated
I failed to interrupt
You`re so hard to tell the truth to
So easy to corrupt
I`ll memorize your face
[Trisha Takasuki]
Now city attorney James Hahn has slapped 33 members
of the Harpys with a gang afatement law suit
The goal behind the law suit is
She flies the ocean shore of Kildare over tombs of the harpy fields
Lonely girls ride the great beast, Virginal Goddess of Hunt Diana

Mourning matron 
The harpy's breast 
The scowling raven 
You'll die unblessed 
Its patronizing 
You are obsessed 
The demon rising 
The ghost
There's no coming back this time

It'll never be the same again
You are... unforgiven

You fucking harpy
You fucking haunt me
I'll never feel you again

I am anew
Rejoice in the harpy's death
Her song finally subdued

Taking in the technicolor view I'm overcome
Finally feeling after eons of being numb
their hatred
Sending harpies to devour our infants
Even with all the power of the cosmos
They cannot find peace (Find peace)
His bliss is in the eternity
girlfriend tryna call me but these plastic bitches mob me
I'll tell her I'm sorry, stop playing life, Atari
But I'm getting dragged out this room by harpies
with your back against the wall
You find asylum on the kitchen floor
Locked in your silence at the bottom of it all
Watching the harpies soar

like a heart-throb, heartbeat, heartless, harpy, always harping
Bad at gardening
Only good for garnering

She want to act like a heart-throb, heartbeat,
harpies shriek and belabor
The heathens and apostates
That rings the circle round the great crater 

Papé Satàn, papé Satàn aleppe
Papé Satàn, papé Satàn
While harpies shriek and belabor
The heathens and apostates
That rings the circle round the great crater

Papé Satàn, papé Satàn aleppe
Papé Satàn,
to your hips, has made me heal up
Your heart is the quest, I am the seeker

They just don't get me cuz I'm too obsessed with RPG's
These harpy's wings got
droites, mais nouées et
Là font leur nids les affreuses harpies.
Elles ont de larges ailes, cou et visage humains,
Les pieds griffus, un grand
Harpies coalesce into storms of grief
Harpies coalesce into storms of grief
Devouring my heart

Can you feel this?
Blood drops from the knife
Can you feel
and coated by hoar-frost
I dread to think that all is lost

The harpy's laugh
Twisted inhuman face
Utters cries of disgrace

The fury's torch
No I don't know
And I know you own me you evil harpy
But you're just a heart beat
Like me

Oh I ain't gonna make it any how, any how, any how
So sit
cast adrift
Echoes down the city street
Their harpies laughter rings
Waiting for the curtain call
Oblivious in the wings

The casket is empty
Dizzy, dizzy
Oh so dizzy

Scorpio rising on the horizon
Thunder tumbling from the mountains
Harpy sirens strangle silence
A piece of mind left dying
You pull the sheets around you throat
Talking like the harpy again
I've got this heartache in my coat
Since I don't remember when
It's guaranteed
the harpy arrives
Talons and wings and a cute 45

He's only human, he's only male
Bound to stray, bound to betrayal
The moon is rising, it's a physical thing

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