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Good morning, Mr. Railroad Man
What time do your trains roll by ?
"At 9:16 and 2:44 and 25 minutes 'till 5"
"At 9:16 and 2:44 and 25
it one last look before the fighting would start 
He said all I ask is that you don't forget 
Cause the wars not over when the fighting ends
of that bridge
15,000 volts went through my elbow, fell over 30 feet
The doctor said I should be dead, still alive and still ain't scared
In the hospital
As a bank robber Shane really hadn't got a clue
He'd end up likely at the end of a noose
Which was fine by Shane if the papers could use the story
Lady: Hallo
Lady we've just kidnapped your husband
Have $800,000 ready by tomorrow night
And lady no police
Or you'll never see your
your pretty little hand in mine

You could search the world over
Right up till the end of time
Every night I get to hold her
Sweet Corrina, now

Les bicyclettes de Belsize
Carry us side by side
And hand in hand we will ride,
Over Belsize.
Turn your magical eyes.
Round and around,
Words and music by Bob Hartman
Based on Ezekiel 22:30, 1 Timothy 2:1, James 5:16

There's no feeling
Like when you have a friend in need
Their heart
I know how this movie ends! yet still I play
The starring role in "Hovito's Way"

It's just life, I solemnly swear
To change my approach, stop
million ways to die so I chose
To get my life right by the end of the road
'Fore my body in a casket and I'm stiff and froze
'Fore I'm laying in a morgue
happened and it ain't so hard
Happiness is a loaded weapon and a
Short cut is better by far
Explosive bolts, ten thousand volts
At a million miles
and the end
[ Connie ]
The miracles of Jesus was the talk all over land
Jesus healed the multitudes by the laying on off hands
[ Both ]
Healin' hands
Armstead, Bloodshed from C.O.C
He did damage, road managed my G.O.D
Aka Duke Da God, he was stupid hard
16, the bitch dream had stupid cars
Cut the ' 68,

Les bicyclettes de Belsize
Carry us side by side
And hand in hand we will ride,
Over Belsize.
Turn your magical eyes.
Round and around,
Loose booty (x8)

Eeny meeny miney moe
Catch a junkie by the toe
If he holler let him go
If he don't, do the loose booty
Loose booty
Skin it
of tequila and one shoe

He raged about repentance
He finished every sentence
With a promise that the end was close at hand
I didn't even try to understand

like Pam on Martin
And you wonder why my right hand man stand-offish
'Cause he got that blam blam on point like swordfish
I'm walkin' 'round
Through the north facility, the city must suffer at the hand
Of the Chief's command, volts is in
At 3 minute intervals the heat intenses
left hand can play the choir
With 16ft Diapason
And Lowrey's patented Orchestral Symphonizer

Banjo's great on repeat
The kids want to play but
I lived on the streets down in New Orleans
Just to get away from my family
Daddy's little dream I was only 16
But I took all misfortune would hand
the dealer put an end to his growing.

At the age of sixteen years he was a married man,
And at the age of seventeen, the father of a son,
The grass grew over
and nine-volt battery end caps
Making that music that make your neck hurt
And the beats that bother your back in my Cadillac
Six woofers and four amps, lo pro
is in your hands
Your wish
Is my command
Tonight I'm gonna
Pleasure you
Over and over again

Every move a photograph
Feel your heart beating
and Martin Luther King
Just like John Lennon by that hotel
You have to pay for our sins

Was it like being raped? Was it like being dead?
Like a bad movie over
Coast everything I flow's an anthem
A&R's who slept are now throwin' a tantrum
Hand 'em over boys, your jewels and your girls
Bow down to the sound 'cause