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you oughta know
The who's what's and when's are memories go
But I breath. Get lost in a dream

Waste away and around while love sends

This is a Captain Carnage and Necrophiliac duet of death! 
It's the Witchcraft Killer!!! 

[Captain Carnage] 

Fillin my fuckin bed with
between Scylla and Charybdis
Feel the fear ripening, go taste it
Torn between Scylla and Charybdis
Feast fruits of valor, if you face it

and brittle sight
My glands emit this carnage
These pews bend back your knees

That uniform it wears you
When the ultimatum pleads

Bare them
is right
You know we won but still we lose, until I make it home to you
I see your mother filled with tears we grew up so fast where did those years go
know we know the flow again
Here we go again you know we know the flow again

Roberto Malary Jr. :
It's the one-two-three on your mark get set go
Now the murder's right, it shakes off the cold.
The next victim up shall be privileged to go!

New age of death distinctly understood.
I feel the knife is cutting slow
I wish I could say my intentions weren't deadly
I feel like I am letting go
I wish I had said how easy it is
Run howling through the carnage when the wolfbane blooms

Half the city sound asleep and safe inside their beds
Get lost inside my thoughts
In the middle of summer nineteen fourteen
The young men of europe all in their prime
Ahead lay the horrors of a world insane
It haunts me now
Fahrenheit height life support, bear in mind the mic and corAnnotated
And everything around it sounded off
I came to round it off to higher decibel
Instincts pop up to the surface like pinpricks
Still flinch
Manhandle the kill switch
Peg meet square, get dismantled by drill-bits
black velvet and safire
Psycho circuits of carnage that's unbelievably evil
Blood trickling temper of pure golden retriever
I'm inspired by the sun,
the layers of decay with vicious rancor and bitter scorn
To get at the cold, dead heart of the matter which we bring forth to
Carnage canonized
I got an idea in my head I been kicking around for days
I have tried to make it quit, but it won't go away
Now the girls are gonna hate it when I
and carnage
Piece of garbage with wings and she has the guts to sing
Get the bird, catch her shoot her, I don't care
Get the bird, bring her down to the ground
Thousands forced into prostitution
So many years and still no restitution
The carnage of Carthage so easily outdone
Add all the blood you get 1200 tons
Immortalized by its vice and deified for its carnage

There's money in the air there
All you have to do is reach up and grab it

In basements, garages,
of hate, a diplomatic bag

Slap on the sanctions,
Show us some grit.
You've built your fence, now sit on it.
I hope all your dreams, go up in smoke,
should come over
Though it's carnage at times
It still seems I'd chop a limb off
Before I put up a fight

Shut up and move with me, move with me, or,
right, y'all mothafuckaz ready to ride
We gonna take this bitch downtown
By 7 mile west to east, pull up to the club
Park this bitch on the curb, its like
Moonshine drunken monk, Ya head, get shrunk
The touch of skunk, I be fuckin' bitches by the chunk
My name black, do words wanna play in my dirt?
Bitch stop my
The presidents an alien from planet zoltan
Nowhere to go man
Surrounded by death and disease
The sun looses it's heat and the planet'll freeze
Ah ah I can't
or Richard's bay
rhyming with Billy Ocean or Al be	 Sure
won't get you play by Joan's Rivers I clean clothes, lyrical mean pros
go against dream flows hope your
they've rehearsed

It's a waste of time
I'd put it behind me once and for all
And let the hype decline
If the problem wasn't mine

Go by, go by

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