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don’t know how to newscast
Don’t even pay attention
To what they say
Bang, bang
In glister city
Down on all the streets of pity
Go away
Bang, bang
made true
When the wishing star is falling asunder

I am lost to the glister of time
Before we all say our goodbyes
And after we rendezvous
Take in
to the flesh and the blood 
Just some weak and willing victim 

"All that glisters is not gold", 
or so the wise man said 
"When greed awakes upon your
She threw a fit I might kiss her (Kiss her)
All of my diamonds gonna glister (Glister)
She gave me top while playing nintendo 
I make her left you
near, no-one will hear
Your changeling song takes shape
In Shadowtime


Catching fire, taking hold
All that glisters leaves you cold
I love the way your sweat glisters when you run
I love the way my name rolls off of your tongue
I love the way you stay doing squats to tighten
Charon beckons from tumultuous waves
Then trice this ancient digger of graves
For thee ne'er grapeskin shall glister
Wherefore my Movits come help me
Cause the diamonds on my neck gonna glister
But you already know Im with your sister
Haters always mad
Money stackin blue
Neck so cold I think I just
at the drug store
Say he gonna make me feel something
Yeah his yellow teeth and glister gleam
his soft silky voice from an iphone screen
He picks me up so late
low down
Bake and spin, pass it like a holy light
Cut down from my happiness nah it's not my type
It's a glister, strolling in the world with my sister
Work for the future these paintings they glister
Drinking too much, I can’t handle my liquor
She don’t wanna suck dick, all she wanna bicker
I call
and to glister
I got big bodies the milly’s be meeker
These niggas ain’t catching the bodies they flicker
If she still loving on that nigga, she ain’t worth it
a beautiful Glister 
Glistening in my empty space
My chaotic mind

And I was born with a healthy appetite
For all that glisters
White and pure in the night
Identify your wants
Your heart
Well, where can I
Procedure forced upon the dead
Deranged and erect I penetrate

Hand that grasp the velvet rope
In a rigor mortified grip
Eyes that glister dead distress
Strata of wonders quickly pall The gleam of dreams is brighter than the glister of fossilised pageants Dream city

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