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these flawless diamonds, yeah they're lookin' glassy
Catch that nigga slippin', I'ma do 'em nasty
Check out my attire, this expensive fabric
We can
Panic is coming on strong
So cold, from the inside out
No great job, no message coming in
And you're so small
Glassy eyed light of day
on the grass
The grass is very brown
I heard psychic screams
I did nothing- she sits with her legs spread
Her legs spread like the morgue glassy blue, her
calling out

So I press on
'Til I can behold that glassy sea
And all the beauty in what you have made
You know the way to this wonder
So I hold on to this
hear a sound

When nothing goes your way
You're beggin' me to stay
Behind your glassy eyes
I know you're lost inside

But, your voice is wild
You scream
the ridge
So glassy sharp
You can't find her now
You can't speak to her now
She's going out again

One day she was a child
She could touch the sun somehow
they throwing rice I pay that man to throw the fight

Versace bags and glassy belts and shoes, that's what my lady like
Shitting on all you hoes
Our walls surround, us with a glassy top
We're going down
Or has the sky gone up?

Honey don't interrupt me!
(Look at the cloud!)
(Looks like,
try to escape, the little dwarf appears and fades

His glassy hand it touches me, I smell the air of death and life
Walking through the ballroom
eyes are lookin' glassy,
You think you're real sassy,
But you know your headed for your doom,
You look a little older but you sure ain't no wiser,
and a flame make three
You and I and a flame make three

And you are not glassy bay to me
And you are not glassy bay to me
Though my tired fleet abides in
glassy she begins to squint
She's about to blow man you better get the hint.

Oh yeah! You best get out og her way,
Oh yeah! Now it's time to pray.

Could've been a swan on a glassy lake
Could've been a gull in a clipper's wake
Could've been a ladybug on a wind chime
But she was born
Shall find the pirate code
We're still doomed though

Behind us lies a glassy furnace of blazing bridges and ports
But each burnt bridge is a road not
O aa le glassy tu phad

Hosh nu aa gaye chakkar
Jaandu ni phir akkad
Kehnde mainu chadhdi ni haaye
Oye bas tu glassy full kar

Main kehna whats up

Your eyes are getting glassy and I take it by your silence I should leave now. Can't teach yourself to be sincere nor tame the voices bread
There is no need to hide it
Music We provided
Shake your ass like this

I know that you like it
You really really like it

Dont worry pe glassy
Dont worry
It's a joke you suppose
But baby, I'm the worrying kind

So if you see me somewhere
With that glassy ol' stare
And the panic and fear in my eyes
and a flame make three
You and I and a flame make three

And you are not glassy bay to me
And you are not glassy bay to me
Though my tired fleet abides in
Couple apnas, couple karleh (Superman)
Yeah, I just blew a chase from the mameh (oh gone)
Harami karla with his army (army)
Zooti and glassy in my party
I got the TV Barnaby Jonze Glassy-eyed pigeon boned It's too late foe me to fight I'm mesmerized
I saw the monster over japan Heavy feet, clumsy
pulse to steel
This final breath and glassy pleas
Rest your mind and wash your hands
Lay him down in this time of dying

A dirty heats, falling dusk
Wanting wings for flight 
Baby's breath in the waxing light 
Glassy seas of blue 
I will dream of you 

Let's close our eyes till daylight
Sparkling ice on the dead man's chest, glittering ice in his hair,
Ice on his fingers, ice in his heart, ice in his glassy stare;
Hard as a log and trussed

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