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[Aretha Franklin]
Trey, this is Aretha believe in yo self,
Believe in yo dreams,don't let no
Body tell you what you can't do.
Cause you gonna
Written by Kirk Franklin

It really doesn't matter
What you're going through
I know that Jesus can work it out for you
His yoke is easy,
Franklin, Aretha singing "Ain't no way"

But the song, it don't apply, 
'cause I've always know what's on your mind

Love comes easy
But it
and hire buffy the body!
Don't call us if the bitches ain't flawless
If they are then we can hang like Aretha Franklin bra-less
The drunk me can box like
Written by Kirk Franklin

Look in my eyes and you will see
The way real love used to be
When the flowers bloomed in the spring time
And happiness was
Written by Kirk Franklin

It really doesn't matter
What you're going through
I know that Jesus can work it out for you
His yoke is easy,
noticed by people
Please tell me if you know
Because I wanna go, wanna go, yeah, yeah

Why is it lately?
These jealous hoes gotta hate me
cheaper? But still? either?
Get Franklin’s no Aretha, you broke and you know the?
What’s the play on the ‘yay? He say give me three days
We just a field
respect like Aretha Franklin
So when you see me just back the fuck up
'Cause see, your shit was like my dick right now (and that sucks)
I represent
hustle, I got more Franklins in me than Aretha
If I had Oprah Winfrey I would marry her and keep her
I spit as much knowledge as preachers and teachers
Franklin for the chedda, yo
They'll show my video on VH1, diva week
Me, Whitney then Aretha speak
I be on top of the world and still be a freak

Although I'm
(Verse 2)
I'm descending from the sky like Gabriel the arch angel
with weight of world on shoulders like Aretha Franklin's ankles
You liars, i'm tired
Never takin' a loss, weak rappers I toss
Make no mistake, Sweet Tee is the boss

Janet Jackson's nasty, but I'm in control
Aretha Franklin, bow
And everything that it can give 
Just like that city on a hillside 
We got a light that's deep within us 
No, don't keep it to yourself 
Just remember how you
will not give into your temptation
I am bought by the Blood of Jesus
The power of heaven protects me
Meaningless to me is blasphemies
You say I am
deal what life has dealt, it's always blaming someone else
Fool yourself, you think he cares
Contradiction, it is there

Wither from the inside out
your words
Spoken from a heart of great concern
Saying keep Your eyes on Jesus
And love Him more than anything

And I've watched the wind blow hard
of my pocket!)

This time around, we takin' Atheists to church
Servin' serpents with sermons with curse words
You can do all things through Jesus
yourself to a higher power
Every time you crawl inside

You're seduced by
Surrendered to
Seduced by
Surrendered to

The chemicals, the chemicals
E-Swiftulaus, Kurupt Young Gotti Neo Deastro?
Franklin Gostra the Sixth, Sixth 

(Let's go, Kurupt)

May I laugh ? to yourself, shells
Before honor and war
Dig a whole bury yourself nigga
Go ahead, keep goin' I got some nice dresses for you guys over there
The Incomparable H.O.

What you see
mean, like, Soul, assist him
Get him help, I'm sendin' this nigga out the Solar System
I mean it's simple, Aretha Franklin, you a soul sister
wealth by coins that they give away
And not the ones that they keep for themselves for spending

Oh, never be impatient with the ones who love you
us light
Down at night, I hear you callin'
Light will overcome the darkness
Can't you see that's bein' real
Give us something you can feel
Like aretha
Get yourself another hobby
(if jesus practiced medicine
I'm sure he'd do it
Just like him)

Is doctor koop a man to trust?
It seems at least that