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Charles sings, sings about love
St. Charles, tell me tonight
Won't you tell me 'bout love?
You know I saw her in a dream

I was Shanghaied by her way
Now 'Chain Of Fools' and 'Respect'
Was the anthem of a woman, Aretha said
'What's Going On,' 'Let's Get It On'
Such classic songs; don't forget them
A fool named Draws in a seven six Kirk
Parked at the bench and left his girl on trays
Said get out the car bitch, that's a mistake
cause now I'm
it through this time
Get yourself a piece of that rainbow pie
No reason in the world you can't get by

But don't let the sunshine fool ya
And don't let
niggaz get they wig plit
i got cash but i ain't got no fucking pity nad smoke your ass
and move to another city brown nose bitches stay the
fuck out my

Now "Chain Of Fools" and "Respect"
Was the anthem of a woman, Aretha said
"What's Going On", "Let's Get It On"
Such classic songs, don't
can't get by, boy

Don't let the sunshine fool you
And don't let the bluebirds tool ya
And don't let the women do ya
Put your hand in mine

they were fucked up in their turn
By fools in old style hats and coats
Who half the time were soppy-stern
And half at one another's throats
Man hands
that brown 
Tell, tell the bartender that we need another round 
Sevens on my hips Gucci on my face 
All in the party make a fool of dem grapes 

and begin eatin it 
In your body, it's structure becomes your structure 
All the fear and stress of another 
Any drug is addictive by any name 
Even drugs
could get some disease, or worse yet, you could get struck by lightning
Or drown in a kiddie pool
So don't be a fool
Be sure to take all the necessary
on let's smile now
Please won't you try
Get a hold of yourself
Come on and find you someone else (Open up your heart)
Open up your girl  (Open up your

Just another day, selling ice cream in the bay 
And fools trying to get him for his pay 
But Master P don't play, it's all about money
go crazy, get hot-headed, start actin` a fool yellin`
But ya`ll know there ain`t no refunds in the shit that I`m sellin
'cause during the drought
go crazy, get hot-headed, start actin` a fool yellin`
But ya`ll know there ain`t no refunds in the shit that I`m sellin
'cause during the drought
You've just been bitten once again
And I've been infected by your pain
Don't lose the soap 
Next time we have another bloodbath
Remember that
your bed
To keep you loved and to keep you fed
To help you to face another day
To get you up and on your way

Where the golden rule don't rule out true
the black and the brown

I got soldiers from both sides who really don't care
Who identify themselves by the colors they wear
The homey came through to put
Is it true what they say
Making progress day by day
How good for you
I have seen these things before
Working night and day
Just to get through
the reefers at?
Standin' at my window with my full clip
Malcolm told us we've been bamboozled and hoodwinked
Another Darren Wilson get a badge every week
I'm overdue wit these foes niggaz I'm bustin out ya toes
To get ya dancin

Son I even got my crew makin hits like charles manson
Kids nappin,
)Inner city strugglin', motherfuckin' rat race
Condemned pressure cooker, that explodes in your face
Another neighborhood gets destroyed by
know how to treat her right
Now, if I ever get another good woman
I'm gon' know how to treat her right
Because you know it's too lonesome
To sleep by
Get in where you fit in, now enjoy yourself
Cute bright skin brown skin take me to the mountain
Get you wet like a fountain
Then get your counseling,
It ain't really that hard to just be
A brother,so be good speak up
Don't wait for it to happen,life is
Passing you by and homeboy
You're cold

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