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[Chorus: x4 Krayzie Bone & LaReece]
Bone Thugs back and your gonna be in trouble

[Krayzie Bone]
We keep it goin' get it for the Mid West
Krayzie Bone ain't no ho; I gets mine in the nine-O

It's the number one Assassin
Just be quick to put that ass out
Chillin' with Bizzy, and Krayzie
[Intro: Krayzie Bone]
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony back in this motherfucker
(That's right That's right) The original T-H-you-G's

[Hook: Krayzie Bone
lock-down love!
You know what really make me feel good
Krayzie Bone, Wish Bone, really keep it all hood!
That's right! We still pursuing our dream
[Bizzy Bone] (whispering)
Shut up nigga...Shut the fuck up nigga
Here they come...Here they come
Here they come nigga...Duck down nigga duck down
the fo'-fo')

[Krayzie Bone]
Don't be fuckin' with my money, nigga no,
See when Krayzie pull the pump, then I kill 'em all.
Pump slugs, when blood hit
the way, all the way, all the way
All the way]

[Verse 1: Krayzie]
You willin to test the flesh oh yes
But don't even stress what you heard
'cause nigga Bone
with my crew
Well, nigga bring it on
Send them chromes to your dome
Krayzie Bone ain't no ho; I gets mine in the nine-O

It's the number
[Layzie Bone (Krayzie)]
(Yeah) Yeah...Bone Thugs...
(You know a nigga been all over the world man)
Australia, China, Africa...England (You know
You know the motherfucker did it

Well the court sentences you to death by electric chair

(Some guy laughs)

[Bizzy Bone]
We had
Nigga move out my way
Move out my way
Wait a minute now
Hold a second now
Wait a minute now
Ride on 'em!

[Krayzie Bone]
Here come grandaddy
This track is tight you should be clapping your hands 
[ clapping your hands] 4x

As we ride by the end of the night
You will
tossed by the boss bitch,
Ain't taking no shorts or no losses


[Krayzie Bone]
Nigga come fuck with me now,
Krayzie that nigga that pump
on the run with the me shotgun
Swing with ah clip tight clan

[Bizzy & Krayzie Bone]
Come and follow me hollow point snub slug
Pullin' me body underground
cant get a break
Now how much can you take
For heavens sake
I cant wait they gone be
(Listening to the wind blow)

[Krayzie Bone]
Sittin' back
This is combat - I don't think these niggaz really know
This shit is for real, this is not a game
So all my real motherfuckin thugs get
[Chorus: Krayzie Bone]
Indeed if I fall. Every time I'm fallin', fallin
there's no doubt that god helps me rise
[That he do, that he do]
I said
a murder-bound city
See me when I'm servin' now, parlay it down
Breakin' it down in the see-Town
Spot 'em on the avenue, follow him passin' through
Get 'em
[Chorus: Krayzie]
My nigga, let's get P.O.D.'ded [P.O.D.'ded, P.O.D.'ded] 
[So high, so high am I.]
reefer and blunts is all that's needed
(Flow 'round by the wind)

[Krayzie Bone]
Try and keep up to the rhythm
Of the nigga really figga you handle
I'll make you an example sample
Coast to coast
We steadily rolling putting it down

[Chorus - Master P]

[Krayzie Bone]

Niggas niggas if you with me
Don't be talking
down and now my mouth hustle words (words)
(Nigga, nigga, nigga, niggas)

[Chorus: Krayzie Bone]
So you can go bring anything you want to (want to,
about our family and how we roll
Can I get a witness let it unfold
We living our lives to eternal our soul aye-oh-aye-oh

ta quicken put to derail my thugs
Well I might be Krayzie, civilized, I cruise in my Mercedes
As ah bye-bye, nigga feel tha Bone, now spray, hey
Krayzie Bone ain't no ho; I gets mine in the nine-O

It's the number one Assassin
Just be quick to put that ass out
Chillin' with Bizzy, and Krayzie

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