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(50 Cent)
Yo this is 50 cent, yaknawsayin?
I'm here with my man Whoo Kid, you know how I put it down nigga
It's not safe around here as soon
50 Cent: G-UNIT
Announcer: MTV News on MTV 2
Gideon Yego: Hi I'm Gideon Yego with MTV news. 4 weeks strong at number one and the Eminem Show is
(Chorus- Banks) 
G-Unit, G-Unittttttt,G-Unit, G-Unittttttt,G-Unit,G-Unit (repeat) 

(50 Cent-between Banks) 
G-Unit nigga that's what's up
nigga (haha, haha)
You gotta love it, New York City (haha)

[ Chorus - 50 Cent singing ]
I been doin' my own thang
You can tell by the stones on my neck,
movie shit
Get out the club BITCH

(50 Cent talking over beat)
2000 shit motherfucker you know how this shit goin down
This is my shit, from now
Fifty cents rent goes pretty far
when you live in a subway car
One stop's the same as another
Even Son of Sam sees her sleeping,
she's not
It's elementary

[Lloyd Banks]
[50 Cent]
Lloyd Banks' in the house
[Lloyd Banks]
Now get the fuck on the floor
I slid through the front door
Here comes that guy in his stripped down Model A

And he says, ?Gimme 50 cents worth of regular
Check my oil too, if you don't mind
Put some air in my
Get-Get-Get-Get-Get down, Get-Get-Get-Get-Get down
When its on you better, Get Down
I pull out you better, Get Down

[Verse-50 Cent]
You know it takes 7 days and 6
Named fifty cent I signed 
This shits official now 
The deals is finished and it's time 
To get down tot his grind 
Let's get these nicks and dimes
[50 Cent:]
I'm'a Soldier, I Done Told Ya, Don't Make Me Fuck You Up
Leave You Head Bust, I'm'a Head Busta, Man I Don't Give A Fuck
man 'cause me I'm 'gon do my thang 
(You know I do my thang)
I'm a get my drink on and party like it's ok

[Verse 1: 50 Cent]
Trust me man it's ok
places to prevent catchin' the cases
Races in the faces, hall at you laces
This is a hit, let's see if homicide trace this
50 Cent, let's see if
through your windows or your door
Grab it by the tail

Yucca man
Yucca man

If I had a dollar--cut it in two--give you fifty cents
But the rock will
[Madd Rapper]
The art of getting robbed
This is how we do Brooklyn style boy you know what I'm sayin?

[50 Cent]
R.I.P B.I.G, R.I.P P-A-see,
with 'em, shoulda had his gat with him
DMX wanna get down well you tell homey
I'm on that Treach s***, I do my dirt all by my lonely
I should rob Clue
Johnny Ryall is the bum on my stoop
I gave him fifty cents to buy some soup
He knows the time with the fresh Gucci watch
He's even more over than
[50 Cent:]
I'm'a Soldier, I Done Told Ya, Don't Make Me Fuck You Up
Leave You Head Bust, I'm'a Head Busta, Man I Don't Give A Fuck
in fifty cities
Everyone says she looks pretty
At least as pretty as a legend should

Fifty days can wear you down
Fifty cities flying by
with me tonight
And I'll show you maaagic
(What? What?) Maaagic
I got the magic stick

[50 Cent]
I'm a freak to the core
Get a dose once, you
Nights like this... I wish.
Rain drops would fall
5 heartbeats left
One last deep breath.

I got a 16 shot Rugger, I got 16 cars
All over
G G G, G G G-Unit
No peace talks, no white flags
No mercy, I'm getting yo ass

[50 Cent]
Niggas done heard about my click how we stay wit
DJ Whoo Kid:Yea (?) Lloyd Banks 50 Cent G-Unit Here We Go you should be here wit me bitch, you should come and make me rich, girl you know girl you
crunk, crunk
And when 50 cent says jump, you get on one foot and jump
Jump, jump, jump, jump

[Dr. Dre]
The buzz is tremendous, we drop you all
under the Southern Cross
Next to the golf course by the Hyatt Hotel
Davey he is a friend of mine and we get along pretty well

Christmas in paradise under