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(Chorus- Banks) 
G-Unit, G-Unittttttt,G-Unit, G-Unittttttt,G-Unit,G-Unit (repeat) 

(50 Cent-between Banks) 
G-Unit nigga that's what's up
Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo

Niggas salute me
Uh huh

We takin over this shit

(50 Cent)


G Unit

G Unit soldiers
(gun cocks)
as the street lights
G-Unit nigga

{*random shout outs*}

(50 cent and G-Unit)
We can't get Money selling weed...WE GON SELL COKE
Ain't no money sellin'
Yeah! 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck
G G G G G-Unit! Haha!

Vacate your home I come to brake your bones
Americas nightmare we at it again
A desert
[50 Cent]

Yeah! 50 Cent.. Lloyd Banks.. Young Buck...
G G G G G-Unit! Haha!

[Young Buc]

Vacate your home I come to brake your bones
and Wimelton
What block you on, nigga?
We'll be there!
What block you on?
Scary ass nigga
Fuck this shit man
Niggas woke me up with that bullshit, nigga
He'll get his whole crew hit 
D-twizzy, Obie, 50 Cent, and G-Unit 
Yo he don't want it cause 
He's always drugged out 
You won't see no
50 Cent: G-UNIT
Announcer: MTV News on MTV 2
Gideon Yego: Hi I'm Gideon Yego with MTV news. 4 weeks strong at number one and the Eminem Show is
Shit cause you can't shine
You ain't gettin' yours? that's fucked up cause I'm gettin' mine

[50 Cent]
I got a M1 in my hand, I'm feelin' to start
Yeah, Shady (Woo!)
Ha ha, 50 Cent
(Here we go again, yeah)
Uh huh, ha ha ha
Does it make you mad, when I switch my flow
[ Intro - 50 Cent talking ]
Oh, oh, Gggga Gggga G-UNIT (UNIT, haha), yeah, it's 50 CENT (CENT)
And Lloyd Banks (BANKS), and Tony Yayo (YAYO), nigga,
that Detox album
It's comin', we gonna make Dre do it, haha
50 cent, G-unit, Obie Trice, D-twizzy, Stat Quo, Dr. Dre
We ain't leavin', let's go! haha
[50 Cent and DJ Whoo Kid talking]

(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT! I started my own gang
(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT!
(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT! I
G Unit niggas, that's what's up
Disrespect me, I'll have niggas blast ya up
Take my advice, don't let ya peoples grass ya up
I got a fetish for
could tell by his look
Cause he looked the way I look
When I look for a jooks

Teamwork, work hard nigga
50 cent
Rotten Apple
funk flex yeah
g unit 
you understand what's about to happen

nigga guess who's bazack its not beanie seagel J hoe 
50 cent yah niggas
the young boy don't back down

The record is all f***ed up now, what we gonna do now?
How we gonna eat man? 50 back around
That's Ja's lil punk a**
nigga you not ready for me
It's G-Unit and we bout to get this fuckin' hoe

[50 cent]
Yea nigga I'm the first one up
I heard you been talking mad
Yeah, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo

This rap shit plays a major part of my life
So if you jeapordize it I got the right
To send
What up, gangsta?

We don't play that
We don't play that
We don't play that (G-Unit)
We don't play around

I sit back, twist the best bud,
[50 Cent and Eminem]
Yeah... Shady
Haha (Wooo)
50 Cent... GgGgG G Unit
Haha (Here we go again)
Yeah Uh huh (Haha)

[50 Cent]
Does it make you
50 back on that shit, 50 finger to flip

[Tony Yayo/(50 Cent)]
They dont do it like this, concentrate on the wrists
I got see-thru rocks
[Tony Yayo]
New Shit
Tony Yayo, 50 Cent c'mon

[HOOK: 50 Cent]
Bump Dat
Niggas try to stunt on my click
Then when I get on that shit
I bring it
Fucking hoes over fifty four my name here weight you barely no
You on that are Kelly shit your bitch is barely grown


DJ Whoo Kid:Yea (?) Lloyd Banks 50 Cent G-Unit Here We Go you should be here wit me bitch, you should come and make me rich, girl you know girl you

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