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Along with your tactics and your tight gown
Your tropical scent spins my head round
Oh God
My freckled vixen
Is drawing me in
Hands draped 'round my neck
And asked me if I would

And then right away I had wings for the day
And I looked on that line I was over
So I sit in the street and freckled Mary on her
like Adam n Eve
Together watch the freckled sky
And boogie to the fairy lights

Stay back, listen and take care
Security come take him he's over here
Freckled girl, how do you face the whole world
Troubled boy, take her hand and let her steer you home
New York with you in our coats
Dancing under
I don't want to see your freckled face
I just want to run away and slowly drain
This madness on my brain

I walk away like every day
I mean
Saw a bad bitch, man she so fine
While I'm walking on the beach, man she one of a kind
Sun tanned skin with them bright tan lines
With a lil freckled
wish I had that body, that face, freckled and dimpled cheeks
She's everything that I hate but I wish to be
Do I have a crush? Or an admiration of?
ride into my arms
Push Skate Rolling right into my heart
Push Skate Rolling ride into my arms
Push Skate Rolling right into my heart

With your freckled
to understand
Just sunlight on a freckled face
And everything in its right place

Simple things turn magical
Minutes freeze like Popsicles
And drip their seconds
and boats on the lake
And a red-head freckled face blows out the candles on his birthday cake

It's Sunday morning, Sunday morning in America

the best of what a baby sitter could afford
with enough negotiation and freckled smile

another summer wasted here in the battlefords
our dust coated freezie
I was just coming off of the stage,
Folks all lined up screaming for my autograph...
Lord, I was a national rage.
One little freckled face girl
Though I write so seldom
You call every blue moon

You hurt your boy
So you know freckled girl this time
Wait for no tomorrow

Someday soon when we
See in edge 
Like a bullet 
From the sun 
Like my son
Can't just tell 
I'm so freckled 
As a teen 
Like my gun

Came from north 
Far from evening
I want to be the girl with the pretty soul
With eyes like silver and a heart of gold
A smile like honey and a freckled nose
Can someone tell me how
on to that little girl's hand
Your freckled face and your dumb tattoos and your body you say is so dense
We fit so perfectly it causes friction in my mind
And telling it to leave this place

I know
Joy can touch your freckled face
And warm you in its perfect way 
And love you know I always prayed 
I could be that
the clicks of shutters
And in the clacks of keys
It's in your freckled shoulders
And your elbows and your knees
And the way they bend and curl around me
I feel

Freckled cutie on my lap!
Freckled cutie take a crap!
Baby benz on my map!
Score your pussy like its rap!

I don't fuck with y'all faggots
and oh
Sometimes it hurts to swallow that pill
I miss your turquoise rose
I miss your freckled nose
I miss your voice when you
Say "I don't wanna go..."
(Pornographic feeders)
Holds in you in bed now
(And freckled repeaters)
Somebody starts a fire
(Open the mirror)
Somebody's getting water
(Hopelessly weirder)
oh, oh
Annie spare a few broken lines for me

So four years they passed
Summer never lasts
Except for in her freckled smile on the news broadcast
the one
And I'll look at your freckled nose

You're the sunflower that grows
Oh you're the sunflower that grows

You came to me late last night
In a robe
what to do
My freckled cheeks end up bored
Standing here
When the threat is near
You'll find nothing to do
Be alone
Let the show grow old
My time remains

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