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with a forearm smash

Baby, forearm smash
Baby, forearm smash

Seconds away gonna break your back
If you don't wanna play then don't give me flak
She give me big head Jimmy Neutron
Insurance on the gas like State Farm
The Molly and Percs came from Kim Wong
Put the Rollie Prezi on my forearm
roll up (hold up, hold up)
I'm in a Rolls Royce (I'm in)
Got 'bout four of 'em (four of em' four of em, yeah)
I got baguettes
On my forearm (forearm
Crow, you sing so sweet and tender
We're two birds of a feather
Go bring me back a backbone
Don't go home
Raven, your talons on my forearm
I caught tha subliminals hold on
Dez diamonds be hittin off da forearm
I fuck and i dip i cant prolong
Bitch get out my whip you can walk home
the juice

Receive from me the hand of truth
In still your trust I'll take you there
I penetrate and run through
Feel it so warm

Branded forearm
Cut neck
Slit wrist
Love scars forearms
Get on your hands and knees
And pray to me cause i don’t show mercy
Cut neck
Slit wrist
Love scars forearms
I've  been riding round town With the windows open
Plus the way I'm whipping got My forearm in the mixing motion
Best around town I don't think they
Well, "The Bash" started with myself and José Canseco
Uh, we were matching forearms one day in the clubhouse
And, uh, we decided instead of giving

American baseball bat!
Demolish the discotheque!
And how many blows to his forearm and neck
'Til he lay in the schoolyard, bludgeoned
Orange is the color of my love
Fragile orange wind in the garden
Fragile means that I can hear her flesh
Crying little rivers in her forearm
raised on a farm
Had Bear Bryant tattooed on her forearm
She was meaner than hell and ran the 40 in 4.3
She could squat 600 bench press 5
The hands down
in my upper arm from the side of my forearm (forearm)
I can walk without security cause ain't nobody gon' do 'Ro no harm
Before I go fuck all 'y'all,
the darkness
My neck is the neck of the divine Goddess
My hands are the hands with long claws
My forearms are the forearms of the mighty one
My backbone is
I woke up in a dumpster
Off of San Jack and Main
My forearm's in two pieces
So I'm waiting for the pain
To hit me like a brick
But that shit it never
says on your forearm

Maybe I should've heard all the alarms
Girl you must have a lot of charm
Thought you'd never hurt me leave me unharmed

dare he think he harder
Put my forearm in the rim like Vince Carter
We could go dollar for dollar (Dollar)
Walk out the trap and I'm popping my collar
I gone leave everything I left
In the dust like a sandstorm cause niggas be so pressed
Ouu Ou Ou Ouuu Yea that's why I gotta stay true
On my forearm
money pockets about to rip
You're spilling change, I'm counting it
Seems like I've found about a bit
More than you've in your pot to piss
Burnt forearms
down your forearm
Can you believe that's you? 
The red liquid that feels so foreign
Is part of the reason you're alive

As blood falls down your forearm
Straight forearm with her hand out
Opportunity ain't looking for no handouts
Arm stiff hoping you don't pull a blade out, they just looking for
for me to take
No one will notice my fears
No one will notice my pain
No one will notice that the sleeve on my right forearm is stained
But you all
Your back is completely relaxed 

Relax your shoulders, your upper arms, your elbows, your forearms, your wrists, the backs of your hands, the palms
the neck, as Vogner I think said, the neck is almost cheeky.
Tara got her forearms chosen, both of them.  She was unique because she had a tattoo on one arm,

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