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to tell my story
For all my friends to read

Well, it's tough to be somebody
And it's hard to keep from fallin' apart
Up here on Rehab Mountain
There's a hundred stories
For every man in there
There's marks on the cell wall
There's marks on the mem
One counts off the time lost
Through many warlike ages
Is wrought now by a coward few
For hireling traitor's wages
The English steel we could disdain
Secure in valour's
heard you calling my name
I was standing by the river
Talking to a young mark twain.
[Verse 1 - MURS]
First let me ask for forgiveness, since I might go to hell
But I'm addicted to these girls, though where they fuck feel smell
And I
stranger coming in from Santiago?
Leaving his mark on the girl on the were like carro
She is my Mexican girl, shizzle, dedicate this for all the ladies all
Well, I'd be dead by thirty-three
That was my best guess
But hey, here I am this morning
Singing happy birthday to me

As I clean up all this mess
I'll take the position 
Assume the missionary part 
You work by committee  
You had me pegged from the start. 
I'll be pounce pony  
trying to give me her panocha
Fat sweet roller in my trocka
And my girl called the cops 'cause I choked her
Copa Cabana thankin Santa
For the keyboard that
That inspires men to stand up for their rights.
And should we fall down by the wayside in this ever-changing world
We can look back to these
On the day that she was buried
Her Daddy stood out by the cemetery fence
Prayed to God for forgiveness
For surely all of this is punishment for my
With your fist marks on her face
Your buddies all stood by
They bet their
Fortunes and their fame
That she was out of line
And you were not to blame


Then all of a sudden, in the wink of an eye
A Cadillac sedan passed us by
I said boys that's the mark for me
But by then the taillights was
By Bob Hartman
Based on Mark 16:15

You never tried to win more secular appeal
And water down Your message with a slightly different feel
You never
There once was a man who just couldn't cry
He hadn't cried for years and for years
Napalmed babies and the movie love story
For instance could not
Tell us: is it you who are here for our good cheer? 
Or are we here for the glory, for the story, for the gory satisfaction 
Of telling you how
There once was a man and he couldn't cry 
He hadn't cried for years and for years
Napalmed babies, movie love stories
For instance could not
There once was a man and he couldn't cry 
He hadn't cried for years and for years
Napalmed babies, movie love stories
For instance could not
where to hide
In a six-by-six a guilty man cries
For repentance and lost is what innocence is

Same story, same target, different time

Home is side by side we lie
Love the lie we're living
Glamour and the tragedy
For playing and forgiving
Broken bracelets, broken dates
And half
reaches for his clothes
And as he leaves
She feels suspended, invaded and rejected
The cigarette is ended
That's how her story goes

And on the radio
the flavor.
It's the final test for the frontier.  N' the municiple
Is independent in the strength from the individual.
Voyage into Revelations 13 for a story
Y'all ready?
Play it
Listen baby

I know I was wrong
For what I said on that phone
I said that I'm done
And you need to move on
She said boy
you hold dear and they stab you in the back, so that's my story you know how it ends, don't let yourself get duped by a friend. trust and honour are
the street
You could feel the heat
Let me tell you friend
They could hardly wait
To mark your sheet
It was maximum joy
For the men they employed
To hold you

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