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Four: Jay-Z

Hoes, flows, money, cars
Y'all wannabe stars cant f**k with none of these bars
This is real nigga rap, we can spit it through the mic
pinchin ebenezer
Cause I only make shit that weighs heavy on ya tweeter.
Some shit that's gonna blow through ya mutha fuckin speakers.
Y'all cats it too
a bitch's game just like a ho go
Ya'll got a sugar daddy so I got an old ho

[Juicy "J"]
She's a ho 
(repeat to fade)
Whatever y'all really wanna do go on and do it cause all y'all be talking

{juicy j: talking}
Yo yo yo yo yeah it's da juice up in this motherfucker
Killa Klan (8x) 
Chorus: Killa Klan Repeated ? North Memphis, South Memphis, ATL, Chicago 
(cities differ for each chorus) 

[Juicy J] 
Late last
And change yo plans
It's the numbers on your phone
And numbers on your cell

Verse 2 Juicy J
I ain't messed up by messin crooked cowards
Wit a nigga name
I smoke just to ease up the pain
 You and I ain't one in the same
 I do it no practice I peep most of y'all are hustling backwards
 My eye
closed he ain't even sleep

Say Boosie chill wit all that swervin' too much dope in here
Nigga slow down you betta think about Big Head and Pimp
Runnin' Like a team. Well, see, I might have slayed y'all. So 
for now pack the gun and Hold it in the air. ?cause mc ren has a 100 miles of 
in this motherfucka
Let me see ya mista

Will blast if we mother fucking have to tie your body up
With the strings from your tennis shoes
Juicy J in
And all our ones that still runs with they guns,
In the field you know what I'm sayin?
This dedicated to ya'll man,
Hold it down,
U.S. mother
Runnin' Like a team. Well, see, I might have slayed y'all. So 
for now pack the gun and Hold it in the air. ?cause mc ren has a 100 miles of 
favorite rapper, y'all niggas can't tell me nothin'
Everybody's first bootleg was Boyz 'n the Hood
Whoever thought gangsta rap would make noise in the hood
It's my time, it's my watch, homie
Y'all don't believe me just watch, only
Time will tell but I'll rhyme until I skip time, I'm Michael J. Fox
[Hook: Miley Cyrus] 
I'm in the club high off purp with some shades on 
Tatted up, mini skirt with my J's on 

[Juicy J x2] 
J???s on my feet
Chorus x4
This weed is got me high
So high, so high
This bud is got me high
So high, so high

(DJ Paul)
Mesmorized by the motherfuckin'
Ya'll niggas
they learn that they had ? by the pounds
Pounds, cold clockin' pounds
Sucker D.J.'s bite our lines up all damn day
All, all damn day
Sucker D.J
(Juicy J)
Yeah, Juicy J in the house with my nigga Project motherfuckin' Pat
Lettin' you niggas know about respect
You know what I'm sayin
We gets
think y'all really wanna get wit me

We started gangsta walkin nigga no MC hammer

We really dealy get you hyper then hype

No cut or no arm n hammer
(girl) give me that dick *siren sounding*
(sucking sounds)

Juicy j: check in with me and do your job
Dj paul: all dirty hoes suck dick,
just anotha crazy click... ICP, Twiztid, Triple Six!
All up in this bitch and we runnin' shit 
we doin' drive bys on all y'all wit chain saws
here I
Nah, y'all, nah, y'all, uh-uh
I ain't disrespectin' though

I'm just sayin' it happen to me
It can happen to him
How you doing?
What's your
motherfucking Black up in this bitch right here.

{Juicy J: talking}
Juice man up in this motherfucker.
Take you all to the motherfucking floorhoe.

{DJ Paul:
and the great man Mannie Fresh
So what I want y'all out there to do for me is say this

Say go D-J, cause that's my D-J
Say go D-J, cause that's my D-J 
mouth back when hip hop was hip hop
For those who don't know or forget
To make y'all happy with Mary J. who Puff came to get (Me)
Then who called for

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