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And I said, "Thank you, Jack White,
For the fiber-optic Jesus that you gave me."
It shined so bright
That I couldn't help believin' it would
to beat the game so just quit it
Only smoking on the herbal escape releasing my stress in a lyrical way
Spitting these bars like a Xanax I'm fiber optic
stake our claim.
From fiber-optic lights to satellite rains, 
We are the pulse, the life in these veins.
From fiber-optic lights to satellite rains,  
asking just to make sure

Contact your lens at the fiber optics
Guerilla television tactics
Contact your lens at the fiber optics
Guerilla television
a Pooper scoop
I’m gone either blow the brains out
The coup or look up at the stars for The proof Fiber optic Roof
You can keep the bag I want the Check with

Refuge for cowards
Courage through fiber optics

I didn't realize until that night when I saw her dead on the bathroom floor
Blood streaming from
(MXRAI loco y'all!)
Wide awake in the dark like I'm on coke
Bahtımız yok, n'olursa olsun, hep derdimiz çok
I'm feelin' choked
Aye, my vision be fiber-optic
philosophies that y'all
should try adoptin'
The ride is topless, it's fiber optic, the driver toxic,
The one who you thought was your wifey, you admired hopped
that's him
Wuu and a bar, I'm relaxin
These backwoods like fiber optics
I Took some DMT and left the fucking cockpit

Sky Dweller Sky Dweller Sky Dweller
Pull me from the gallows
Of this fiber-optic nation

I cannot compute why
We celebrate this mediocrity

Just let me download my
Latest update
to me
Boot me up and just turn me on
Your fiber optics are so so strong
Www. come to me
Let's give in to it all night long
Hey ah ah
I'm hotter than a comet

Bitch I shine, fiber-optic
She gon' pop lock for Bothic
I see that pill then I pop it
I seen that shit then I copped it
an account
Yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh

Fiber optics, watch where you walkin'
'Cause they stalkin', they heard what you talkin'
Ain't no option, so I'm
the son of Sam
'Cause I'm thin and I don't grin
But check it out people 'cause I love to go and swim
Caught up on the phone fiber optic distraction
a great asset
But you're wrong, wrong, wrong

All that fiber optic gear
Can't replace your fears
Like an island song

Stop worrying about confession
fiction, fuck a fable
Ready and willing you better believe I'm able to spit
Power through these lines faster than fiber-optic cable, I'm gone

You and me
die hard fans is finna cop this
While the rest of the world follows through fiber optics
I took my time, see I studied the game, learned how to rhyme
of the Navigator that's green?
Chromed-out amplifiers
Twenty-two inch tires
I don't want them I want the fiber optic wires
I'm so hot I'm responsible for forest
on me
Happy new year baby - plug in the fiber optic Xmas tree

Over weight under paid - not a chance of gettin' laid
I could rain on your parade - if i
Writer, fiber optics on high fiber
Quick like that, no, I go as, "ain't shit like that"
Magnum entendre, rollin' on a rubber
Hit Virgin for
such a great asset
You're wrong , wrong, wrong
All that fiber optic gear
Still cannot take away the fear
Like and island song 

the Koch administration
Gangster renovation
Born in isolation-ation
Ill communication-ation

Ma Bell fiber optic
Presidential miscroscopic
Soul sonic
York the narcotic
Draped in metal and fiber optics
Where mercenaries is paid to trade hot stock tips
For profits, thirsty criminals take pockets
six pack alone cause grief, cats hatin
But I'm still in the Oldsmobile sittin on Dayton's
Still keep the fiber optic trunk vibratin
Packed in the club

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