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Music by 10,000 Maniacs - Lyrics by Mary Ramsey
Shards of glass cut through my gaze
Broken streamers hanging at my legs
Drunk and giddy full
When you needed me by your side, 
But when I was gone and you were home all alone,
Why did you have to run and hide?

Few and far between now
An old movie magazine
Gold wrapper in between
Pages yellowing with time,
It’s tearing up my mind

Plastic snowflake souvenir,
A city far from
is gone lying in death's bed

The act of murdering so empowering
Exact number of dead will be unknown
Intact corpse are few and far between

Written by Warren Zevon 1995 Zevon Music BMI

Every touch is measured out
Every word is written down
Sunny skies are seldom seen
In the land of few
receipts, the lonely space between these sheets, by the ravenous company I keep, comforts are few and far between. But just this once I'll have you know, this
outta my hands
When I fell into your arms
There was no room

Say 1, one little thing you meant
Not 2, too far and few between
To mean much more than
out in the 
Distance and a sunset few and far behind

There’s a winding path between the highway and the coast
Where we lost what mattered most, it
as the realest you heard
With my pen I kill 'em absurd and rhyme seven syllable word

I'm not your average Joe
Hardcore, far more than the average
someplace else
By now you know that I'm not there
And if you don't know why
Well can't you see the tears it took for me to    say goodbye?

Yeah, I left
A mystery of the universe, a tale of the dead
Far into the psyche and far until the end
The mind it often wonders about the few and far between
But your touch is far and few between
celebrate your victories, so few and far between
Keep your ego in a cage there's no "I" in team
Times are far between, and few I bet, when we can look upon our lives without regret 
Of all the things I have done, you think I'm proud of everyone
standing there beyond the glass

Who said that we never would touch the speed of light
So far behind me, understanding
Stars become rivers flowing
And drawn a line
Between so far
And from now on
Yes a big glowing
Line in time
And I've been disappointed
I've been heartbroken
Yes I too
seen, a pact is made
[And] Gathering men, yet not wholly men, a break is made
Fledglings at a time they were with few
Centuries between and likewise
What about the good times:
"They were few and far between."?
That`s the understatement of the year.

Some would call it passion,
But it means
Mindless conversation avoided.
I let the sun shine on my face.
The flowers look a little better.
These days are few and far between.

So enjoy the while
tells tall tales of what may have could have never was, Solutions, Solutions always few and far between. Yet just ahead, left for dead, turned aside
The trail in between is way too far
Where do I begin?

I've always counted all my blessings
Knowing you'll defend me, stand by my side
I always turn
In his solitary shell
A momentary maniac
With casual delusions
When will he be let out
Of his solitary shell
I'm alive again
The darkness far
So united

It isn't always easy
We've been through a few hard times
But when we stick together
There's no mountain we can't climb

With all
things by weight
They either drag you down or they lift you

Repeat chorus (then) bridge
Dm bb f bb
I don't read between the lines I'm not ready for what
all the time
But if you're trying, if you're looking, if you're lucky 
You can always fool a few and feel fine, 
Is the line between shame and dread